Where is PHP?




Where is him ? At this time, his last activity was on 19/05/2005. I want to know who’s behind that name!! :bigsmile:


I assumed he was just a test account for when they where setting up the forum, that or a default account that came with vBulletin. If you go to #2 that is TheDuke, and from then on it is random people that I assume where of no importance. Maybe the admins where using the name PHP first?

Maybe DoMi or MP|3 can explain this mystery.


CDFreaks server HQ. He’s the system Admin (aka:Read his freaking UserTitle)

I want to know who’s behind that name!! :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]
Need to know basis ony. We could tell you, but then we’d have to kill you.

Please ask us again … please!


PHP is called “Marcel”…?!?

I think the first 1000 users are more or less fake… (at least nearly all of them have a zero postcount)


Me knows who PHP is but me no tell!


This one is most definately fake.