Where is "Olli"?

Dear Freaks:
That`s been for a while not see Olli on forum
Maybe he just research new software…
Hope he all right
Does anybody know ?

To Moderator:
If this thread cna not post in forum
Please delete it
Sorry to bother you

Couldn’t it be TRU (sic!) that he’s just changed his name???

you could be right, his answers have the same kind of tone :wink:

& arrived when Olli stopped posting.

I don’t believe it. He is just one of us regular guys. Olli’s posts were always long and detailed. His posts are most often short, one or two sentence solutions.

But if that were tru, then you just blew his cover. Are you on Cheney’s staff?

I have the same feeling with you :slight_smile:

I’m still hoping he is moving to Antigua.

I hope he did move to Antigua, at least for the winter. I bet he’s chilling on the beach with some cold Pina Colada’s only thinking about what enhancements he can make to CloneDVD. Then we have James, who’s breaking his chops in the office, creating all the new AnyDVD upgrades.

No disrespect to Tru, he’s a great asset to the forum, , but he’s no match for Olli in my opinion.

Hello Folks,

I have to agree that Forum Member Tru is knowledgeable in the workings of the CloneDVD and AnyDVD software programs and is a great asset to the Forum. It was a very unique Forum opportunity to pick Forum Member Olli’s mind and be able to ask the author of the CloneDVD and AnyDVD software programs questions about these great programs.

Forum Member Olli – If you did run off to Antigua for a little vacation the Forum misses your presence and hope that you quickly return to the Forum !

Best Regards,