Where Is Olli?

Haven’t seen him post fo 4 days now. I know somebody posted his email address and he wasn’t happy about it, the moderator removed it. I sure as heck hope that is not the reason for his absence, but I can surely understand his frustration. I would like to think he’s on the French Riviera sipping some martinis and having a grand old time.

I would love that, too! :cool:

Welcome back bro! :iagree:

Hi Olli,
Glad to see your still with us, I think I can speak for most, we appreciate your contributions and help.

Maybe wait another month to go to the French Riviera when the weather warms and you can see all those beautiful women in string bikinis.
If the wife is along don’t forget to bring your dark sunglasses, they help keep the peace.

glad to see ya back, Olli.

That’s sounds good in theory, but how do you disguise the head turning & tongue hanging out of your mouth? :bigsmile: