Where is newest 2500->2510 firmware?



after reading what can be done, i had to buy a NEC 2500 (shipped for 80).

so i plan on doing this firmware upgrade, but confused about a few things:

where can i ge the latest firmware? is there a site where someone posts it?

if i do this, i heard DL quality goes down, but if i burn a regular SL movie, it will still work fine correct? the firmware will have no effect on the SL burning?

thanks alot!!! so happy i found out about this!!! jsut sold my old 4x HP for 30 bucks :slight_smile:


im also using TDK 4x dvd+r discs presently…ahve about 200 of them…so be using those for a while…


TDK discs should work excellent on the 2500A.
SL burning does no appear to be adversely affected by using the DL firmware.
However, there is no need for you to load this firmware yet since there is no DL media on the retail market.
You’ll want Herries’ 107v2b4.
Depending on the MID code of your TDK discs, you should be able to burn them faster (@8X) with good quality using Herries’ firmware.


Try here:


faster than 8x? so if you had some say 8x verbs you might be able to burn at 12x if the firmware allowed it?

/me confused


I made a typographical error there :wink:
The post has been edited to avoid any confusion.


thanks alot guys…got the drive today, wont mess with flashing firmware till i get some DL discs…got bored…so i bought drive now…why? who knows…hahahah

but cant wait till these discs get cheaper!!!


By the time DL gets cheaper, we’d be using 4x DL and all these first-generation DL burners would be terribly outdated and outclassed… if someone really wants DL for the sake of DL and not for the sake of bragging rights, they’d be getting the 2nd generation of DL instead of jumping on board for the 1st generation.