Where is Nero Infotool, Newer than 3.01?

There seems to be a version of Nero Infotool that will provide information on Solid burn and some other features:


I have done some searching and I cannot find anything newer than 3.01 which doesn’t report this. Anyone know where the new one might be?

Nero InfoTool v3.61

Have not installed above, yet … just found it.

There seems to be a version of Nero Infotool that will provide information on Solid burn and some other features
I’m still using 6+ Ultra. Possible may have to upgrade to 7.+ to have additional features

I’ve seen the options you refer to in version 3.07 which is packaged with Nero and also in version 4.00 packaged with Nero 7

May want to hold up on the above link.
The file name for download is … NeroCDSpeed_361.zip
Have no idea what is going on. Is file named incorrectly stated or is it the wrong file.

For some reason Nero prefers not to update their own download section so I will have to dig around in my files to see if I already have 3.07 with my last update.

Does anyone have version 4 without buying version 7?

Dennis L, thanks, I found that link and it is an error.

See Nero latest version updates for Nero 6

Note Nero Infotool 3.0.7. in listing

Do not confuse the site maintained by Nero with the one maintained by Erik Deppe. These utilities are not available as seperate downloads from Nero. They are available from Erik Deppe’s site which is CD Speed and has nothing to do with Nero.

Version 4.00 is too large for the 97.7kb limit allow to be posted here.

Nero InfoTool does provide Solid Burn option.
Just install Nero 6 latest updates.

No confusion, at least as I see it. This sure looks like Nero?

In any case, I’ll dig through my update files and see if they gave me the latest infotool. Thanks for trying. In the past they offered the toolkit as a free download. I guess those days are over.

You are correct chas, I stand corrected. It is available from Nero as a seperate download. That’s an even older version than that which is available for download at CD Speed.

I have uploaded version 4.00 and it will be available for seven days begining today. It will then be automatically deleted.

Nero InfoTool v4.00


Thanks very much. I found that ver 4 has some additional features missing in 3.07. That was very considerate of you. :flower: