Where is Nero 5.5?

I just posted the article Where is Nero 5.5 ?.

Buster used our newssubmit to tell us:

After the ‘underground’ release of nero 2 days ago, the new ‘underground’ version of Nero 5.5 ( is released… Will this be the…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1712-Where-is-Nero-5_5-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1712-Where-is-Nero-5_5-.html)

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It’s actually the last day in April, not March… :slight_smile:

Eh, an little mistake!!! You mean the last day of April, and not the last day of march… But i know what you mean. :):slight_smile:

whoeeps :4

maybe nero’s new admin (if i remember, they changed the old one) died and took the password with him. haha. hope not. maybe they’re using a different calendar system. where april 2001 to them is actually may 2005 to us all. just a little laughter for all the impatient people out there.

In germany you can already buy the retail version of nero 5.5 (It is identical with the released warez iso version ) The underground releases didn´t work for me(can´t copy cdcopy.dll blah ) The iso just works fine :slight_smile:

The retail version is for sale in the Netherlands for more than a month now. However, this version still contain some nasty bugs.

yep…retail version is in stores in the U.S for over a month as well not gonna buy it though!:4 had a few problems with InCD 2.0 ahead was working out the bugs with that and was adding some more drive support.

Just downloaded the latest Nero and I cant get it to install properly… Cdcopy.dll cant be found… Anyone know how to bypass this or make it install…? :c

First of all, hi to everybody, I’ve just found this page and found it amazing :slight_smile: I got installed Nero, after updating from a clean installation of, it works perfectly.

nero available now. website is updated. so there. they waited for the last day to post it.

Nero 5.518 is out (on the ahead server) Have fun