Where is my RAM?

my computer is running slow. I get out of memory errors when I open programs and try to print large documents.

My system says I have 512 total physical memory, but only 139 available memory.

I know the 512 is correct, but Where is the rest of my memory?

Moved to General Hardware, as it’s a hardware question. :slight_smile:

In use for Windows, device drivers and anything else that loads at startup.

Is that normal, to only have 139 left after that other stuff is runing?


I just found my task manager, with the list of what is using memory. there is nothing outragious. firefox and IE use the most 39 mb and 45 mb.

How do I tell what the other programs are so I know which ones to get rid of?

Google is a good tool. You can disable most of them through - msconfig>startup.

hI jACK-- if task manager is showing “basically” just firefox and ie using that minimal memory and the other running programs are not using any memory==then removing those programs won’t help. My system occasionally hangs up over memory issues BUT task manager has always shown me some other program acting up and using 100% of the cpu. Stopping that task has always brought my system back. For some reason, excel and/or word when both open will hang my system up.))

Could be many things including bad ram sticks. Google a memory testing program and other systems testing programs (there are several for free) and see if they report anything useful. See if any of your friends can lend you their compatible and working ram sticks to see if that might be an easy “black box maintenance” to try.

good luck. /// bobbo.

Firefox is a real memory eater. If you’re not using IE, get Opera.

Ok so I have 47 programs running using memory. The large ones All serve some purpose. I guess i need to add some RAM to speed up the computer.

I have DDR SDRAM memory two 256 sticks.

If I buy a 1 gig stick, can I still use the other 256 stick in the other slot or do they have to match?

How do I know what pin I need?

You can click on the Performance Tab in Task Manager to verify accountability of your Physical Memory.

It displays what you have available.

yea, I did that. I always have less then 200mb memory left out of 512.

My plan now is to increase the memory if I can figure out what memory I need.

Why not try msconfig and take most out of start up except firewall, virus protection . Go to start then run and type msconfig and go to Startup uncheck everything you dont need starting up. For memory you can go to kingston or crucial and can do a scan to see what memory you need.

Thanks for the info so far. Some of the big memory users and Microsoft products; IE, media player, M$ Office.

What happens if I disable them?
I can still use the program if I disable them at startup?
Why are they running in the first place?

Your not disabling them-Your just not loading them at startup so you don’t use up all your memory(ram)