Where is my problem?!

When backing up movies, everything seems to be working fine!

I use DVD Decrypter to decrypt, and I get no errors.

I use Nero Recode to burn and I get no errors.

I play the DVD on my computer, and it works fine.

I put the DVD in my DVD player, and there are problems. It either doesn’t go to the menu, or it starts the movie but it skips. I test the DVD’s in my boyfriend’s DVD player and the same thing happens, they don’t work.

I don’t know where the problem is… in the decryption, in the encryption, in the burning, in the DVD’s themselves?

Please help me narrow this down.
Thank you!

The problem is poor media then.

Ditto :iagree:

A low quality media is the cause of playback problems most of times. What discs are you using? What burner do you have? What firmware installed? At what speed are you burning?

Yeah but if it were poor media I’d expect at least some to work :frowning:

I’m using Sony DVD +R 100 pack of DVD’s right now. I used Phillips before and same proboem.

I’m recording at 16X although I tried recording the same movies at various speeds, thinking that if I recorded slower it would burn it more precisely, but it never made a difference.

I have two different burners (I actually bought a second one thinking the first one might be old or broken) but both are causing the same problems: LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-160P6S and TOSHIBA CD/DVDW SD-R5372.

Again, the DVD’s play OK on the computer, but once I put them in a DVD player, they don’t work, and I’ve tried them on a couple of different DVD players.

PS. I also bought lens cleaner disks with the little brushes and cleaned the burners and DVD players with it.

Some standalones are really picky.

Try to improve compatibility changing booktype or +R discs in ROM. Maybe this solve.

And try also to burn these discs @12x or @8x.

Can you make a scan of these discs with the liteon drive and post here?

I’ll assume that the movies are being shrunk in Recode, and menus could also be affected. Never shrink to less than 75% if you can help it, and try using DVDShrink instead of Recode. Rip the DVD in Decryptor in ISO mode, then open the ISO with Shrink. I highly recommend re-authoring and using only the main movie, no menus or extras, and lose all but one audio stream. This will result in minimal shrinking.