Where is my audio? Mobile Question



i have a dvd that i backed up. i tryed to convert it for my iPod, but when i do, the audio is missing. The audio from what i understand is in MPEG/2. It is absent from the final product.

can someone help me?


It might be nice to tell us what the movie is. Does it have a DTS soundtrack?


it was a vhs-movie (which i own). Then at school, we learned how to transfer our videos to DVDs using a burner. The film is Closure, a rock star documentary. I’m trying to transfer it to my iPod.

I don’t know much about it because the Professor did the transfer and handed me the DVD. When i asked him about how to get it on my iPod, he just shrugged.

All i know is that it is not recording the sound.


nvm , thx for nothing


holy freakin rude. it’s been a day dude. a simple “bumping this thread to the top to see if it gets anymore replies” would have been sufficient.

i’d be surprised if you get nay responses at all now…