Where is latest GSA 4166 Firmware?

Not all HP drives are LGs. What does the label say? My 740 clearly states LG 4166.

I think I got the version I needed here: http://tdb.rpc1.org/

i got my firmware from the same spot still dosent let me update … i cant really ge4t my drive out of my computer to check the label … but it should let me update no?.. the only reason i need to do this is so i can change bitsettings to allow me to burn dvd +R DL as DVD Rom when i burn my xbox 360 games… is there any other way to do this on a HP840B?

You really need to determine what your 840 really is. Flashing with the wrong firmware can destroy it. I never use DL media but I was under the assumption almost all burners bitset DL by default. Why do you think your drive will not?

pzine sent me a cracked version of the fwloader and it worked! i successflly flashed my drive to a LG4166 now jus gotta try and burn my 360 games ! …thanks for the help chas i know it was stupid for me to flash it without findingout for sure if it was a lg but luckly it worked

You were lucky. Glad it worked.

Hi experts out there,

I have a HP840i (listed as 840x in device manager in WinXP, no bitsetting support), and I am trying to cross flash this to LG GSA-H20L. I got H20L_101.zip from


. But WINFLASH.EXE is complaining that target model is not found, which is right, my drive is a hp 840i(x). Now I’m trying to get a HBLoader.exe which does not check for model and flashes the firmware regardless.

Somebody suggested that I download 4166B.zip from


and get hbloader.exe and use the .bin file from


. When I try to unzip 4166B.zip, I’m getting an error and the file is only 10kb.

Is there any other place I can download hbloader.exe or any other flash utility I can use to accomplish this with?

thanks in advance.

Finally I was able to flash my HP 840x to LG GSA-H20L using HBloader.exe and burnt 3 DVD+Rs with it already. When I burn the movies using Nero Ultra 7.0 the booktype is automatically set to DVD-ROM. The DVDs play beautifully in the DVD player.

thanks a bunch to the experts out there for all the answers to the questions I had.

Where did you find the cracked version, because every one I try says model mismatch. I have an hp 740 and would like to get the lg 4166 firmware.