Where is latest GSA 4166 Firmware?

I have searched and I have checked 6 LG sites and I cannot find anything. I think 1.02 is the newest but even that is not clear.

Also, my drive is an HP 740 which is a GCA 4166B and I have read here that it is possible to crossflash to the LG firmware and restore RAM support.

Can anyone confirm this?


The latest GSA 4166 firmware available for download is 1.01 at http://members.aol.com/mp3mogul/4166B.zip. A HP 840 can be crossflashed, but I have seen nothing about the HP 740.

Thanks. I can confirm that the HP 740 (GCA-4166B) can be flashed to 1.01 and it restores RAM functioning. I was sure someone had reported they had a new drive with 1.02. Hopefully, the LG sites will have something soon.

1.02 is preinstalled on newer drives, but not available for download, yet.

I’ll wait. 1.01 does a great job on my TY+R, nearly as well as the 4163. Pretty good for the first effort. Any guess as to which LG country site might have it first? I notice that my A106 is still not available anywhere either.

From past experience, usually AU and SG sites get updated first. Possibly DE as well. I don’t know why this is. The US site seems to be one of the last to be updated.

I have a question which is related to this firmware:
I have GSA-2166D (1.00) and updated it with the 4166 1.01 firmware (suggested by ItalianJob). He thought this would help it recognize some original disks that is was not reading.

It did not change anything, except that now it won’t read Verbatim +D blanks. It reads burned Verbs, but I cannot burn any new ones. It also still does not write to Verb +D DL.

I’m not sure I did the update correctly. I did via USB, and the instructions were to re-install the drive. I tried uninstalling it in Windows XP Pro, but then when I plugged it in again, it did not do a new install, the PC recognized the drive from before. i don’t know if this means the update is not actually complete? I would appreciate any help or suggestions regarding this.

I am using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 as well as DVD Decrypter when necessary.

Thanks very much in advance.

Well, I wil say that from the start, I only use DVDDecrypter and DVDFab Decrypter because I don’t trust low level drivers and CloneDVD that is known to give such problems (avoid virtual CD/DVD softwares too)…

Guys sorry if I ask bullshit, but still. Is it possible to crossflash some LG drive (4167 for example) to 4166? I’ve found no info about it. Thanks in advance.

Only for GSA-GWA-GCA 4164.
LG 4164@4166 is possible (same Panasonic chipset) :


LG 4165@4167 is possible (same Renesas chipset) :

For 4164->4166, I suspect that flashing a 4164 directly with the latest 1.02 firmware for the 4166 will not work, unless you extract the contents and edit the .ini file. By default 1.02 seems to check for the name of the drive and may not work because the name of the drive does not match.

4163->4167 probably won’t work as both use different chipsets. The 4163B uses a Renesas R8J32006FPV.

And of course, 4166->4167 and vice versa won’t work. The chipsets used are not even made by the same manufacturer.

That’s a pity. Neither the LG 4164, nor the LG 4166 are available here, so I’m going to buy HP 840i drive for a quite expressive price.

The HBLoader.exe flasher which is in the 4166 1.01 firmware package does not check the drive version, so it should allow crossflashing 1.02 firmware to LG4164/2164/2166 and HP740/840 drives.

I have a GWA-4166B and I downloaded the 1.01 firmware update (http://members.aol.com/mp3mogul/4166B.zip). When I installed the firmware it autmatically changed my drive it GSA-4166B. I then was able to download (from the LG website) and install the 1.02 firmware update.

Thanks for your help everyone.

Hello! I’m new on this forum. I have a HP dvd840b. Did someone can send me (via e-mail) or give a link to a file 4166b.zip ? I want to enable a bit setting LG has this function - in HP dvd840b it is n/a :frowning: The link listed above is dead … ( " http://members.aol.com/mp3mogul/4166B.zip. " ) Can sombody make somthing with this ? Thx 4 fast help.

Make [I]certain[/I] your HP is an LG 4166. Welcome to the forum.


thx, but i need a cracked FWLoader… i just find the same file that you give a link… to crossflash dvd840b@4166 1.02 or 1,01 . if that is possible to give me a link to that file ?

Yes, My HP dvd840b is an OEM of LG GSA-4166B and i want to crossflash it to enable bit setting (changing booktype) to write DVD-ROM at DVD+R media to watch a movies on my home DVD player witch unlikes DVD+R discs…

My HP 740 was a GWA 4166 and I flashed to the GSA 4166 with no problem, using the firmware I uploaded. No guarantee, but it worked for me.

Otherwise, you can wait until The Dangerous Brothers get up and running.

ok. i found that what i need :smiley: - a cracked “FWLoader.exe” witch don’t check the manufacturer of drive - the crossflashing are able to do. The file linked above by you, give me a message something like “manuf. mismatch!” :frowning: … after i found that .exe file, i extract (using WinRAR) the .bin file from “gsa-4166b102(ew).exe” founded on LG’s web site, and edit a “flash.ini” file - and make a few changes:

Auto = 0 (disabling of auto-programming, we mey use open button to select bin file)

AutoDetect = 0 (disabling auto-detect of drive manufacturer)

… and successfull crosflashing from dvd840b(FF66/HJ86)@4166(1.02) and vice versa… burning CDs/DVDs, LightScrible & changing BookType setting areworking fine.

if sombody wants the “FWLoader” - give me a place on the web to make upload… i can’t attache zipped file to a that post - file its to big… (216kB)

ps. sorry for my english language - it is very lack for now … (i still learning this)

hmmm… i have a littile FAQs… Did somebady knowns how to read BIOS form the LG’s drive? To make a backup copy ?

hey i have a hp840b trying to flash it to a lg … i tryed to change the ini file so now it lets me choose the bin file but once i put the bin file in it still keeps saying model mismatch pzine can u send me your modified fw loader or any one that can help please send me a link or email me a way to fix this thanks my email is kamalgill99@hotmail.com thanks