Where is it v3.21

“Where is it v3.21” This is the program name

This amazing program catalogues all your mp3 albums direct of your cd and stores them in a database. I recently d/l v3.21 but can find no crack/license for it, all that is available is for v3.11, but that don’t work. Anyone have a working crack please. As it is against the rules to advertise cracks links, I suggest you pm me, to keep the moderators/admins happy.

GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK!

p.s I am a net vetran for the past 5 years, no newbie thats for sure being working with computers for 19 yrs now. The cracks for this prog from alavista ect. time out as me and my m8 found out, hence the reason I posted this article. I don’t like too waste peeps time. I always do my damm best too help others solve their problems. Then when I put a post up I get called a newbie. GET A LIFE. No offence too the moderators/Admins, you know I have been a member of this site for a long time, and made many posts of reasonable topic.

Keep up the good work, without you millions of users would be lost, and they know it.

Maybe you should mention the name of the program!


ever heard of astalavista.com ???
shure i’m no die-hard but the first thing you learn in this big bad world!

Originally posted by intercept
“Where is it v3.21” This is the program name

Ah… I was reading to fast :rolleyes: my mistake! :slight_smile:

intercept, I downloaded the same program 3.21 and the same crack 3.11 from astalavista and it doea work coz I am using it. Try different names. Tha crack creates a file in the directory where the crack.exe file is. Then you cut and paste the License.XXX file it creates to wheere the progy is instaled. Let me know what you did wrong. If you did exactly this then some keys/licenses may not be working. Like I said let me know I might be able to help