Where is INCD?

I am told I need to Format my Panasonic RAM discs with Nero INCD to make them fully rewritable. But although my Samsung OEM software CD has INCD 4 listed I cannot find it anywhere or how to use it, nor can I find anything on Formatting in the Nero Start Smart or other Nero software Help. Can someone help me please? I sem to have already ruined on RAM disc in my attempts and lost the files on it.


I have no opinion about whether you need to format your RAM discs, but InCd is not installed automatically with a Nero install. You may have to use the product setup to install it. There has been some talk about it interferring with some parts of Nero, so check that out before installing.

What exactly are you trying to do?

clayto: If you do a search on InCD, you will see that members overwhelmingly agree that it can be a headache and should be trashed. Unless there is a requirement I’m not aware of, use Roxio’s Dragtodisc which has been recommended by others.

Please note that I use Nero Ultra 7 but have deleted InCD and for good reasons.

clayto, if InCD is not listed in the setup menu, go into explorer and see if you can find a folder for it on the CD.

Clayto: In looking at strachan’s post, you did ask for assistance and I did provide some but probably not what you wanted to hear. I still suggest deleting it if you can. Regardless, here is the manual for InCD 5 (can’t find a manual for V4 but this may be of some assistance).

Thanks everyone. The link to V5 manal helped me to find V4 on my intallation CD, buried deep with lots of other files. Forunately I clicked on the right setup icon and now have the program working. Now, regarding your warnings etc! 1. I presume I would have to purchase Roxio DragToDisc, having only just purchased Nero (with the new Writer) and 2. a search on Roxio shows lots of people complaining about problems with that as well (so , out of Nero’s fire into Roxios flames?). The Nero manual warns of incompatability with other packet writing software. My Acer Laptop has NTI INFILE (which does not handle RAM discs) as part of the original integrated onboard system and I am reluctant to remove it. If necessary is there a way I could just disable it, or does it matter anyway if it is not run? Advice please.


You don’t need InCD or DragToDisk to use your RAM disks and it would be a mistake to do so. I formatted mine with DTD and the write performance was terrible.

Windows XP will allow you to format these disks, should you need to, with the FAT32 file system. There are also special drivers available that enable you to format them to various UDF formats. I’m not convinced these are needed.

The Panasonic RAM disks I use come already formatted & I can immediately drag & drop with Explorer.

Is that helpful?

clayto, you should uninstall that NTI program if it is packet writing software, because it will probably conflict with InCD. You said INFILE, but I remember it being called FileCD or something like that. If we are talking about the same program, it is packet writing software just like InCD, and it is not a good idea to have more than one type on the system. InCD does work good with the DVD-RAM on my system. I know a lot of people have trouble with it, but you can always try it and see if it works for you.

Thanks strachan and TimC.

  1. Yes, I dont know where I got the name INFILE from, it is NTI FileCD. When I installed Nero InCD it was supposed to display a warning message if it detected a program it would clash with and as it did not do so I am for now leaving things as they are unless I experience problems (but will I recognise them for what they are I wonder?)

  2. Regarding RAM discs I think I got a bit confused (nothing new in that) between the hardware and software by what I was told when enquiring about an additional Writer which handles RAM, and by the NERO Help Desk who said —“To use your recorder like a floppy, you must use our InCD software” to Format etc the disc. I have just now found you are quite right about the RAM discs, in my new Samsung Writer they seem to work exactly as required without formatting or using the Nero packet writing prog. However, the -RW disc I have just tried did not work without formatting with Nero InCD, which has taken over the Windows formatting function, ie. I cannot find Format in Windows other than InCD Format.

It is an area which I find very difficult to get my head round and if it were not for help from folk such as yourselves I might be totally, instead of only partly lost. So thanks!


If you want to use drag & drop on rewritables then you must use something like InCD. But beware it isn’t that safe so trust nothing important to these disks.

It really depends why you think you need InCD. I’d think it better & safer to remove it & use only RAM disks for drag & drop. Much , much safer.

I regularly use rewritables but I create a compilation from Nero , ImgBurn etc & then burn the whole compilation. Typically this would be for testing out any video encoding I’ve do before committing it to DVD+R.

I have only been able to use RAM discs with my computer for the past couple of weeks, after buying a new Writer to use with my Laptop, so I am just starting to learn about their use. I dabbled with the built-in CD/DVD Writer before then but found it all rather confusing (eg. unused or little used discs showing no available space, or showing nothing burned to them when in fact burning has been successfully carried out, inability to delete files but only erase whole discs, incompatible formats, etc); and unreliable. So I did not master this part of my system. Now with the much better RAM (not accepting what some people say to the contrary) I may make more use of DVD, my interest having been sparked by buying a DVD Camcorder which uses miniRAM which play directly on my Recorder / TV. The RAM burning new Samsung Writer (an internal one connected externally with a USB IDE Adapter I already had) seem to be a good addition to my system, though too bulky to use when travelling.