Where is InCD in Nero 7?

I downloaded Nero 7 from Nero site, where it was written, that Nero 7 includes new InCD 5, also I see InCD in Setup program, but after installation I can’t use InCD. Nero works fine, but there is no InCD, only a folger Nero\Nero7\InCD, where I see only some log files, FAQ from older InCD 4 and InCDgui.dll, two *.bin files.

There is no InCD tab in CD drive letter properties window in My Computer and Explorer. Older InCD 4.0 can’t be installed, because Next buttom is gray in Setup program, I think via Nero 6 isn’t installed.

Per default INCD is not installed when you install Nero 7. Nero 7 gives you the option to install INCD as well, but you have to check that box during the installation of Nero 7. Did you check that box? :rolleyes:
I have installed Nero 7 on one of my computers. I did check the box for INCD. INCD works fine. :bigsmile:

I check InCD in setup, what you think I am so dummy? But, then I install Nero with InCD I get only files, that names I print later.

What version of InCD you have? And how you install it? via upgrade from Nero 5,6 or a fresh install?

I have latest Nero from Nero site. ~ 100Mb file

The best thing would be a fresh install.

I install fresh and so where is no any InCD

You have checked the incd feature?
If so as i can remember it doesn’t show incd directly in startsmart, just have a look in your nero folder for incd.

I have removed Nero 6 before installing Nero 7. To do so I did use the removal tools which can be downloaded from nero’s homepage. After that I did install Nero 7 and I did check the incd feature while installing.
Incd does not show up in the “Start” bar. I does not show up in Nero StartSmart either. But an icon shows up on the right side of the taskbar. So far incd works fine on that computer. That computer runs W2k with SP4. Under “My Computer” the drive will show new options: “InCD Format” and “InCD Erase”.

Exactly in the taskbar or you just start it from the folder

Maybe there is a bug in Nero with non-english Windows version. In such OS Nero installed with only part of InCD files in Nero\Incd folger, but on English Windows InCD installed completely.

I copy all InCD files into folger in Nero, but it doesn’t work. Have you any way to make it work?

I have a Dutch Windows XP SP2, and it doesn’t work either, but it works on my Windows 2000 PRO, also Dutch



I just downloaded new Nero and now InCD works
I think this bug fixed :slight_smile:

I have downloaded Nero and reinstalled with INCD selected. InCD does not work

What OS and language OS?



I have russian WinXP SP2 and InCD works fine from nero
InCD from older Nero and didn’t work on this OS, but worked on english Win2003 NoSP

on Windows ME… and InCD 5 - doesn’t appear for me neither… - after Nero 7 install…

nor on .14 … nor on newest .54 versions…

lol - i can Speak Russian too… maybe should have installed Russian one as well, instead of English one…

P.S - at least i see i am NOT the only one with this problem…

Well I have a multiboot Windows 98SE, Windows 2000 and Windows XP setup.

When installing Nero in Windows 98SE, InCD does NOT appear in the custom setup menu.

When installing Nero in either Windows 2000 or XP, InCD DOES appear in the custom setup menu.

This same behavior also occurs when installing Nero


Thanks for your reply…

(P.S. - Looks like for Darkman00… registration link finally arrived as well… - Goodbye Darkman000 for now i guess)