Where is Huzzy?

Haven’t seen him on the forum for a long time, and he hasn’t shown up on MSN either. And now I noticed he’s no longer mod. Does anyone know anything about this?

i do, just as most of the mods.
he simply couldn’t stand the living room status anymore, but i won’t say anything else only because i don’t know if he wanted anybody to.

Huz was caught up with business which didnt leave him much time to visit anymore. He also had some issues with the way the forum has evolved. He has recently quit his moderating status.

You should find him online through msn late at night, i usually do. (he has changed his msn account, pm me if you want it).

Is it just my idea that fewer people are participating at the forum the last months ?

Because i haven’t been at the forum for some time and now that i came back i’ve noticed less threads being opened or answered.

Well we have around 1000 guests on the forum right now, only problem is to get them to register. We have a program to attract more people, but people are lazy (or maybe they don’t have any questions?) I guess…

Have found him again, thanks to those who helped me :wink: