Where is GigaRec 1.1x or 0.9x?

I wonder about why these settings aren’t a part of any of Plextor’s GigaRec devices, as I bet these would be the most-used settings (I believe most of the people who would need GigaRec at all wouldn’t absolutely need 1 GB on a CD-R). I know I could use a 1.1x a whole lot, as none of my CD devices outside Plextor can play 1.3x or 1.4x and those that can handle 1.2x put a strain on the laser. I never always need 885 MB that would be 1.2x, but I could use about 770 to 800 MB occasionally. I bet if 1.1x were possible, many more devices could handle the CD and would read it like any other 80-minute CD.

1.4x: Almost no devices play these.
1.3x: Some devices play them.
1.2x More devices play them.
If a 1.1x existed: Almost all devices should be able to play them.

Give me your opinions on this…

For data, dvd+/-r are not much more expensive than cd-r, and for audio, i haven’t found one player so far which could read 99 minutes, but which could not read Gigarec 1.2x (on taiyo yuden cd-r)…

I agree, GigaRec 1.1x and 0.9x would be brilliant.

Or even better, an arbitary field for us to type numbers into!

“Damn, 0.9 didnt work, lets try 0.85… damn you cursed AVI, I WILL fit you onto one CD!!”


I also wished it worked on DVDs, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish…

Right On! I’ve been waiting for the “user definedx”
but I fear it will never be…


I was definitely thinking about a box to punch numbers in, that ranged from around 0.5 to 1.5, but I figured that the mechanics & firmware of the drive would have to be pretty complex to store so many values, along with PowerRec & media strategy settings for the media. I’d be happy with just 0.05x steps (for settings like 1.15, 1.05, 0.95, etc.), a little better than it is now, but featuring from 0.5 to 1.5 (I wouldn’t use the 1.5x setting, but I bet there’s some who may need it). :slight_smile:

not really its actually less code

I think you mean that 1.1x didn’t work and you will now try 1.15x. :wink:

I mainly use it for FLAC archving of music (sometimes I can get two or even three CDs onto a single disc if compression is good and I use a minimal GigaRec setting. I also use it for the storing of long DJ mixes in MP3 format that exceed 700 MB. I have one (Mayday 2003 Polska) that’s just outside (it’s around 1050 MB) what GigaRec 1.4x w/ 80 min CD + overburn will burn. :frowning: Perhaps using a 90 min CD w/ GigaRec or DVD-R will do the trick.

Putting the box itself there may be less code for the software, but can teh drive handle such fine settings, like 1.204x, for example? Maybe an auto-setting would be nice too. Just queue everything you want to burn and have the drive automatically select the very least GigaRec setting for the burn, after factoring in overburning (which you should be able to pick how much).

how the drive works is taht it gets the data from the software, the drive itself is a dummy

Whoops, you’re right! I put all the blame on the radiation from my monitor… yeah… :bigsmile:

I don’t think so… otherwise ALL drives would be able to do this.

There must me some special programming that allows the drive to customise some variables like pit-burn length etc, and I would assume the timing routines would have to be very tight and customised in order to do what it does…?

its hardware limiations the laser on the plextors can be ajusted to the desired intensity :wink: i saw the code

Where did you see the code?

:iagree: Hell ya! Why not!

Does any1 know if GigaRec is planed for DVD’s?

Would be nice (4483 x 1.2 = 5379,6), but i don’t think so.

plex’s can overburn some +R media.

GIGAREC is a very powerful tool, which Plextor has chosen to under-emphasize in my opinion! There MUST be the possibility to allow a finer adjustment, I think we are being short-changed by Plextor on this-- the drive is capable is MUCH MORE than Plextor is allowing in software with GigaRec! What we need is an ingenious reverse-engineer of the GigaRec code both in the drive (Hardware) and in PlexTools (software) and some hackers like the Dangerous Brothers to open up GigaRec in all its glory! Please, guys??

For example, where is Gigarec 1.4x on the 716A?? It is present in the PlexPremium drive. WHY is it absent on the 716A? Hardware limation or software limitation?

Plextor, please give us better / more customizable GigaRec support in future Firmware releases! Your loyal fans will thank you and the reasons to purchase the Plextor drives will once again be unique amoung Burner-dom!

One thing you have to remember: Gigarec breaks the CD standards the same as 99% of copy protections, so there’s no guarantee that anything will be able to read such a disc.

Plextor’s tech support are already snowed under, I doubt they wanted to increase their load which is why they don’t tout Gigarec too much, in the hope that only people like us who actually know (sorta) what we’re doing will use it.

The higher the Gigarec setting, the more out-of spec the disc goes, and I suspect the 716A can’t reliably read 1.4x discs. Hell, it could barely read 1.3x discs on the one I had…
That’s why I’d like more finer grained settings like .9 and 1.1 rather than bigger settings…

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I ONLY use Gigarec on top-quality media, and only when I’ve got a file slightly too big for a CD, but waaay too small for a DVD.
Otherwise I’d be more inclined to just use a DVD…

Correct about the finer settings. I see no reason to go beyond 1.4x. That’s far enough if hardly anything can read it. But, what I’d like ar settings like 1.05x, 1.1x, etc. that can be typed in a box. Say, if we have a 760-MB file (definitely can’t fit in 80-min CD with normal settings even with overburn) to go on the CD. That equals exactly 1.080888… x the 360’000 sectors that is = 80 minutes. This would make a GigaRec setting of 1.081 perfectly fine if u don’t want to overburn at all, or maybe even 1.07 or 1.06 if you don’t mind overburning. Allowing even only 3 decimal places is more than adequate, as overburning should be OK. (Heck, I’d rather overburn and tone GigaRec down)

GigaRec, like PowerRec, is really for “techie” users only, who generally know what they are doing. So, the usual trade-offs about discs being “out of spec” not confirming to Red Book standard, etc are appreciated. I also have had situations where 1.05x or 1.1x would have been GREAT, but there ARE times that I would like to test 1.4x or (gasp!) 1.5x on my standalones, as a sort of “quality” test for my better equipment… The higher GigaRec setting it plays, the higher quality the laser servos, etc.

There is a recent thread praising Plextor’s Belgium tech support. Does anyone have the exact e-mail address to contact them on this issue (ie, whether Gigarec customizablity is possible in the 712/716A)?

Also, to test whether the 716A is capable of reading 1.4x discs, can anyone who has a PlexPremium and has burned discs in 1.4x test the readility in the 716A? That way, we would know if the 716A can read discs written at settings higher than 1.3x. I suspect that it can (read 1.4x GigaRec on very high quality media!).