Where is firmware located on my hard drive?

I have a sony dw-r56a dvd+r/rw drive and for some reason it will not burn +r disks anymore, does +rw fine! I tried to burn a on a maxwell 16x +r dvd and then I noticed a warning on the cover that says you should install firmware or everything could turn to shit - well I think it has…

now I have downloaded omnipatcher and the original qds1 firmware, but I just can’t where the hell I am supposed to put them (point them). Where abouts is my firmware located on the hard drive? Anyone know?

Any advice will be very much appreciated!


Wherever you chose to save it too. We can’t say where your pc is set to save downloads. Try using the search facility of the os and search for the file name.

if you just want to know how to update the firmware on your burner, i would start here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=83441. Read everything you possibly can because if you do it wrong you can mess up your drive. Usually its dl the firmware, make sure your drive is empty and then dbl click the file. If its the right firmware it automatically update your drive. Using omnipatcher allows you to add certain features to the firmware; like speed hacks on certain media, booksetting etc. Add the wrong thing and your drive is toast so be careful and read first. If you dont where you dl’ed the files on your hd, dl them again and just be aware of where you’re saving them. Its always best to create a downloads folder and save everything there so you dont lose them and if necessary you know where the files so you can delete them when running out of hd space.