Where is everybody



CD Freaks has been up for more then 5 hours.
Are there no other former visitors anymore?
I checked every day at least two times if they were back.
I hope hearing of you guys soon, cause right now it’s kinda lonely here.



I have also been checking back every 1-2 days, but with no luck, but finally they r back! woo-hoo!!! glad 2 be back.


I’m back ! And hopefully on “the right track”…


Yes yes yes finally back, now I’m happy again, and my wife will be able to stand me agian, LOL.



Hè hè!
Eindelijk terug! Dat duurde ook achterlijk lang! Hoelang zijn ze wel nie pleite geweest?! Ik ben gewoon de tel kwijt geraakt!
C Ya L8rz…!


boy did i miss this forum,im so glad your back


i missed it to !!

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I kinda misssed it too but hee cdfreaks is not the only one you know.



Just got to agree with the rest of the posts, gee its great to see you all back…


I’m still here! Hope cdfreaks is now to stay forever!


I’m really glad this thing is up again too!


But all my f**in posts are GONE!
Well, I’ll live… :wink:


Guess who’s back 2

Prutser (who wants to be smart forever)


I’m also glad that they are back! I really missed the forum!



No just hope that they can stay online.
Because you really miss their page.
I do


I’m back 2!!



Blij dat het Forum weer terug is,
Forum van ISO-news was veel te traag.



goh is het hier interressant dan…?
net als mijn zakdoek


iam still here!!!
i hope cdfreaks keeps going


iam still here!!!
i hope cdfreaks keeps going