Where is DVDRegionKiller?

My DVD locked and will not go back even tho’ it says I have to more turns. NEC refuses to replace the drive and someone has reccommended I download DVDRegionKiller but I cant find it. Can anyone help, please?

there are burner firmwares which turn your drive region free for details search in the specific forums.

of corse is there also sofware like AnyDVD which hides the region, protection etc.


why not google search

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Keep in mind that, in general, it is sometimes not necessary and sometimes not enough to have a RPC-1 (that is, region-free) firmware…

Most software DVD players (e.g. PowerDVD) have also a “software region protection”, so a RPC-1 firmware only is not enough to see a mismatched-region DVD. If you have also DVDRegionKiller, you are fine. In the opposite way, DVDRegionKiller is useless if the DVD-ROM reader’s firmware is not RPC-1.

If you use AnyDVD, which is DVDRegionKiller’s commercial evolution, or the freeware DVD43 (and also other similiar programs) you will be able to see a mismatched-region DVD even if your firmware is still RPC-2 (that is, not-region free). Of course a software like AnyDVD has many other features too. :smiley: