Where is Debro's Poll?



Dean (the pervert) wants to know where my poll is …

I’m sure some of you can guess, some of you might be right … at any rate … where does Debro stash his poll?


I’ll check if you left it in the underground lair…



I don’t think I want to know, but I’m hoping it’s where it should be :eek:


^^ ROTFL :bigsmile:

Edit: It’s up his recharge socket, of course :wink:


I wouldn’t touch debro’s poll with a ten foot poll, so good luck finding it! :cool:


I think the only realistic option is “holding up his TY’s” :eek:


Where’s your sense of adventure? :bigsmile:

And yeah, I would say holding up his TY’s too, but I still think it’s up his recharge socket :bigsmile:


down under :slight_smile:


Who knows where it´s been! :eek:

(Please DON´T answer that)


Is he dancing round it?



He has to be able to [B][I]find[/I][/B] his poll [I]first[/I]-eh!