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Audio sync and complex subtitles bugfixes

  • 0000190: [Feature Request] Support of SRT files written in Unicode
  • 0000172: [Bug] Audio out of sync after ‘‘audio discontinuity fixed…24,00 ms added’’ message.
  • 0000110: [Bug] Sound goes off sync after “audio disrepancy” messages
  • 0000188: [Bug] Audio out of sync after several reported discontinuities

Can’t seem to find the file to download :confused:

And I tought I was eger to get it :cool:

It’s still on the hard disk of the VSO Developpers.
Maybe, I assume, they are working on other bugs, new features before they compile it and release the new build :confused:

I assume within an other week it should be released.
Those are nice fixes so I assume lots of people will want to try v2.0.14 :flower:

Thanks for the info cougar ii

Thats me the eager beaver :wink:

This sounds like a nice release but i think it should be on my hard disk as well :cool:

I’ll keep a lookout :smiley:


I’m a version junkie.

If I have v1.0.3.2 and v1.0.3.3 comes out, I WANT IT :bigsmile:

What can I say, it’s in the blood :cool:

yes, version has not been compiled yet, coming soon . . . . :slight_smile:

[B]This is a beta version[/B], if you find any problems please report them to claire @ vso-software.fr http://download.vso-software.fr/vsoConvertXtoDVD2_setup_2014.exe

I’ll test this over the weekend and post back how it goes.
Thank you

Any ideas about this release?

ConvertXtoDVD - Change Log

ConvertXtoDVD -

fixes bugs introduced in 2.0.14 Beta

  • 0000222: [Bug] 2.0.14 (beta) subtitle appears twice on screen (wesson)

Currently unreleased.

hi any idea of when it will be released? Im hoping its very very soon, i need free up some space. thanks :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Hi there,

v2.0.13 is stable, why can’t you use this version for now ?

Unless you have a very specific problem that v2.014, v2.015 will fix :iagree:

Presumably he wants the sound bugs fixed in 2.0.14, without having the sub bug that were introduced at the same time.


Yep, this time it was a real Fix one break a few more release :slight_smile:

This is why v2.0.14 never made the cut…

This is the 1st time I see a version not make it :sad:


I downloaded and installed 2.15.136 the other day from the vso download site and all is well, but it has been pulled off the site, is there any reasons?

I also noticed and downloaded a 1.4 meg file titled convertxtodvd which was corrupt?

Any ideas?

A fix for the double subs problem would be good

Hi there,

v2.0.15 made it online for just a few hours.
Then VSO decided to pull it, to fix something, which I hae no idea.
It’s a ßeta version anyway !

Then they put a new v2.0.15 online, and yes it was corrupted, with just 1,4mb of data.

No idea what’s up since, let’s hope to see v2.0.15.??? back online next week !

2.0.15 It is back up, still a beta version

please inform of anything odd: http://download.vso-software.fr/vsoConvertXtoDVD2_setup_2015.exe

thank you