Where is ClonyXL?

i’m searching for a newer english version of this good piece of software (i have 1.0 of june).
I have tried the web site indicated on the progam but… is gone.
I have tried also the one indicated on the ClonyXL forum (http://beam.to/clonyxl) but … is gone.

Do you know where is the working home page or dl sit of clonyXL ?

Thanks a lot

The ClonyXL site has undergone some bad changes. It’s full of porn pop-ups which I think is a very bad thing. The direct link to their site: http://laser.to/Clony.eng/Start.html

The ‘original’ link with the pron: http://people.freenet.de/bxxxxj doesn’t seem to work anymore

Thank you very much for your attention !

No problem :smiley: