Where is clone cd

the site seems to be down? clone cd is an ass kickin program but i get the feeling it about the end for it and all those people who have purchase it lately so much for the support and upgrades. i wonder if it is the end or if the people (olley) will come back and say boo look who`s back. i like alcohol but hate the way the upgrades are you install an upgrade then next thing you know you have a trial again those are some paranoid sumbeeches we all know there not making any money there just poor vagrants building software out of a cardboard box LOL:bigsmile:

Just been to the site its up just now
It has fell behind lately to the likes of alcohol but i think one good update if it ever comes will fix things

Did you try this link for clone cd??

I just looked at this page and its up.

Noticed that the CloneDVD page says “Coming really soon now!”. They’re working on something, you can be sure of that.

As much as CloneDVD is needed so that there is a superior DVD burning program out there (If CloneCD is any indication ;-)) but I still believe the greater need is for CloneCD to be fixed. And by fixed i mean defiantely fixing the SafeDsic 2.8 problem and hopefully an option that will aloow CloneCD to read out a .bwa or the similar that will copy SecuRom 4.8x. Also I still believe that CloneCD 4 should have the option to change the program back to the version 3 layout. You know the good old layout with the tick boxs and not all the profiles. I just hate profiles, they are supposed to make it easier but everytime I go to use one I have to check to make sure it is exact for that CD I want which takes longer and is more of a pain then the good ol tick boxs. Just my opinion.

I’ve just finished re-testing some two-sheep burners in 4202

All ASUS work and all Lite-On work in the burner and in the other devices using ignore (device are in my sig)

No two burners are alike as I, Bulk and philamber can attest to (any two of us have a common burner that reacts differently to the same protection).

I can get working copies using emulate where necessary - I just don’t have problems now.