Where is ATIP on a cd-r?



hi, just for curiosity:
after have burned a cd-r:
where is atip located on a cd-r?
is possible erase the ATIP from the cd-r?
i think is near the hole inside the disk eh?
perharps with a black pen …
after this… i can forget the “hide cd-r” option, lol



No you can’t erase ATIP, it is located in the Lead-in area of a disc. If you would go crazy with a black pen your disc won’t work. Just use Hide ATIP :slight_smile:


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where is atip located on a cd-r?

ATIP (Absolute Time In Pregroove) - A part of the disc that specifies characteristics of the disc, for example, number of blocks and manufacturer information.

Orange Book organizes CD-R and CD-RW discs into various sections serving distinct purposes. The Information Area is most fundamental and consists of a shallow spiral groove (pregroove) extending from the discs’ inside to outside diameter. Encoded in the structure of this pregroove are speed control and Absolute Time In Pregroove (ATIP) time code information as well as other parameters critical for recorders to correctly write a disc. Several regions within this pregroove are reserved exclusively for recorder use.


nice pic BoSkin :slight_smile:

so atip in in the spiral groove that go from the inside to the outside of the disk… no way to get it so