Where is an SEcurom DVD walkthrough?

I was wondering if there is a walkthrough for Securom DVD via either Blindwrite 5 (I don’t have 4 so I would appreciate a 5 walkthrough) or Alc 120%.

I have Litey 811 DVD writer.

Personnely I don’t have a SecuROM 5 protected DVD game yet but Iwould guess it would be exactly the same as copying a SecuROM 5 protected CD game.

Curently there is no way to copy a Protected DVD in a RAW mode regardless of the protection used. Copying a Securom Protected DVD ie, Silent Hill 3 is NOT the same as copying a Securom Protected CD for the same reason.

look up in here:



So far Enter the Matrix, Tron 2.0 and some people are having succes with UT2004 DVD-rom version games, they can be copied. Silent Hill 3 on the other hand is a Pita.

What about Pro evolution soccer 3 or deus ex 2, can they be emulated with autoplay without probs?
I have not been able to run silent hill 3 using autoplay of blidnwrite 5 or using last daemon tools :frowning: