Where is Alcohol located?

Can someone tell me where Alcohol is located (Country, City, Time zone)? I’ve sent in several requests for support and I haven’t head back yet. I was communicating with support late on Friday 4pm CST (10:00pm GMT?).

I just dont know if they are not getting my emails, getting my emails and working on the problem, getting my emails and not working on the problem or if their day is over and they are all at the pub having a cold one :slight_smile: .


Mike Mattera

This is starting to look like a run around.

Alcohol wants you to go the their Support page and fill in the form for help. They give you a Support Ref#. Next you get an email requesting more System or Error log information. But, because their spam filter is wound so tight, they cant receive your email. So you go back the their site and fill in the form again to see if they received your previous email. You get a new Ref# and they ask for information again. Of course they dont receive that email either.

How does anyone get support if Alcohol cant receive emails? So far I have 4 support ref#'s and still no one has done anything to help.

No phone number to call. No address for contact. I feel like I’ve been scammed out of $39.

Mike Mattera

You already posted in their customer support forum or PM’ed a staff member there? My personal experience with their support was very good when I once got a problem with my licence they got it solved via email in about 30 minutes writing several mails.

They are known to have pretty good support. Very strange.:wink:

If you do no have a reply within 24 hours it means we never received the email for one reason or another. I’ve noticed that Robbo has responded to your post requesting some information and an attachment that was missing off your email. If you could supply him the info then you should get access asap.

If you have any problems PM me the info and I’ll make sure he gets it.

Isn’t it enough that I’ve emailed the information 10 times? Now I need to set up a PM account to send the information to you, to send it to them. What happened to email? Don’t they have a FTP site?

What is the problem receiving emails? How do you do tech support if you cant receive emails?

I’ve attached a zip that contains all of the reports, system info and a readme.txt of the things I’ve done. If you could pass this along to someone that would be great.

I want to burn a protected .img file to several drives at the same time. The software is supposed to do it. Single drives work, multiples don’t. My NEC drives are supported by Alcohol. My Nero Can burn 4 drives at a time, at 48X so I dont think it’s a hardware problem.

Burning a protected .img file to several drives at the same time is the reason I bought the Alcohol software. It would be nice it it worked as specified.

Thanks for your help,


Alcohol.zip (56.3 KB)

If you’re referring to can I download a retail version with an FTP client, then the answer is no.

Alcohol-Soft uses spam filters like everyone else, which sometimes get triggered by innocent emails. I will forward your attachments on to Robbo.

I have forwarded your information to our Dev Team who are now looking in to the problem.