Where is 832S VS05?



It’s been around since May, I hear…why is it not out yet? Supposedly it is so much better than even VS04 (which is excellent).


Beats me. Maybe they found a bug in it? Maybe it was caught up in bureaucracy? I have no idea. :confused:


Must be bureaucracy…:wink:


I have good feeling that VS05 or maybe VS08 will release soon we are about due for an update. :iagree:


I have upgraded my 812S with 812s@832s and now appear to have a fully fledged 832S.

When VS05/VS08 comes out will the code guys be supplying a 812s@832s version, or will I need to patch the fiormware myself? If I have to patch it myself, what do I need to do.

I assume I need to:

  1. use LDW851FP on the eeprom.
  2. flash with the factory VS05/VS08
    or Use Omnipatcher to run the factoru VS05/VS08

Great to see the capacity showing in Nero that I can burn is around 8.6 Gb and am looking forward to getting a DL disk to test my “new” 832S. Unfortunately where I live in Central Queensland in Australia, no disks are available at this time.


It was my understanding that we would need to wait for codeguys to fix the flasher, since liteon had scrambled/encrypted their new ones. Then we could run through omnipather and check “enable crossflashing” and flash away. LDW851FP is not neccessary to use on the eeprom when using coedguys method.



I think your right on what to do, I’m sure code65536 will do whats needed when the time comes.


Gosh, the firmware’s not out (with no ETA, either) and people are already asking about what to do when it comes out? :wink: Anyway, KenW and kwkard are correct regarding what to do. On another note, LDW851FP is a firmware patcher (hence the “FP”) and does not patch EEPROMs. Everything that LDW851FP did (FlashFix, EEPROM check removal, speedhacking of a few select codes), OP also does, which is why there is no need for it any more.


@code65536: Any progress on getting omnipatcher to work directly with the new liteon flashers? Or do we still need to have you guys release a fixed flasher with firmware inside?


I decided that there’s no point in trying, since the as soon as we get it working, they’ll change it again. It’s a cat-and-mouse game that’s wasting our time. Since there are alternatives (like us posting a fixed flasher), I decided to just not try after the June 18 flasher because, well, it was a lot of work for very little benefit.


I saw firmware version V05 for the 832s to pop up on serveral places :
posted Kproble scans, review on CDFreaks from the (new) Philips DVDR885,… :iagree:

I checked the usual places tdb, code-site, heck, even the LiteON site ! :wink:
Latest I found was V04, no trace of V05.

I know it hasn’t been officially released by LiteON but I don’t care about that.

Anyone a download location for this “leaked” V05 ? :bow: :bow:


It’s not “fully” leaked - and thus you won’t find it available for donload anywhere yet. This firmware supports the new instant bitsetting for DVD+RW media :wink:

btw it’s not a “new” firmware, as I’ve had it over a Month already. Dated 21st May if I remember correctly.




Well we can only hope lite-on sees fit to post VS05 or what ever is newer soon.



Just want to ask why the ops dont leak vs05. they ve got it from liteon so there shouldnt be any risk updating (damaging the drive etc.).



Interesting stuff. The fact that the public seem to know about this “VS05” f/w that you allude to would be indicative to me that it is as good as “leaked” already, in that if the public know it exists, far too much has already been disclosed.

Then again, one could argue that its the actual compiled source in the form of an executable flasher/bin, released outside the boundary of an NDA or non-disclosure agreement to those that do not belong or are not authorised by said company, that could be considered a “leak”.

But, to be formal and analytical about such a situation, we should rely upon a formal definition! As follows:

"A nondisclosure agreement – also called an NDA or confidentiality agreement – is a contract in which the parties promise to protect the confidentiality of secret information that is disclosed during employment or another type of business transaction. If you make a nondisclosure agreement with someone who uses your secret without authorization, you can request a court to stop the violator from making any further disclosures and you can sue for damages.

The use of nondisclosure agreements has become almost ubiquitous in the high-tech field, particularly for Internet and computer companies. For example, Sabeer Bhatia, founder of Hotmail, made sure that everyone who knew about his start-up company signed a nondisclosure agreement. Over a two-year period he collected over 400 NDAs from employees, friends and roommates. He believes that his secrecy efforts gave him a crucial six-month lead on the competition. He eventually sold Hotmail to Microsoft for a reported $400 million in stock."

Courtesy of http://www.nolo.com (law centre resources, 2004).

Besides, VS05 is a very, very, very old-hat firmware now anyway.

Go figure. :cop:


Thx for the reply Zeb. Alright, if they had an agreement then its right not to leak it :iagree: . I would have done the same.



I think you misunderstood zeb, we (zeb, myself and a couple of others) have an agreement with Liteon and therefore cannot give out newer ones. The VS05 kicking around here to our knowledge was not obtained via authorised channels. Zeb is therefore recommending not to use it, even if you could get hold of it.


Didn’t I said it right. I understood that you guys had an agreement with liteon and such and thats why its just normal not to leak it.



but didn’t you and nic go around the forums posting on the furms about how you have VSO1, TSO1, TSO9?

i remember a long time ago, nic won’t share VSO1, because of his “NDA” but he still talked about it and let the publc know about it