Where in Europe is good and cheap skiing?

Winter is almost here (although, judging from the weather we had this weekend, it has arrived already) and I am sure that some (many?) of you go skiing somewhere…

It has been several years since I last went skiing, but it looks like that it will happen again upcoming February. The plans were to go skiing in Bulgaria, as it is guaranteed snow and fairly cheap to stay there for a week (low cost of living). However, it appears that the area is booked solid, so we have to look for other destinations. France, Austria and Switzerland are known for their large ski areas, but also for their high costs (especially drinks for ‘apres ski’ :wink: ).

So, my question is, what are good ski areas with guaranteed snow at the end of February and cheap (well, not too expensive anyway)? A large ski area is preferred. Any tips are more than welcome…fee free to exchange experiences, boasting stories and pictures :bigsmile:

Yes, like you said Switzerland etc. have great offers, but i’ d recommend Slovenia, personally for me cheaper. Especially for skiing you have there nice areas like Kranjska Gora-Maribor-Ljubljana etc.