Where i could get some Maxell dvd+r



I looked around and a lot of maxell scans are pretty good quality. Are the maxell dvd+r still by ricohjpnro1? Anyone know where i could get som good maxell DVD+R?


Most of the Maxell DVD+R out now is 8x made by Maxell themselves (MAXELL002). In general good media, nearly on par with YUDEN000T02.


Maxell 4x DVD+R are always YUDEN000T01 here in Greece.Sold in spindle of 25 discs-Burn @8x without problem (and with some drives @12x)


Branded YUDEN000T01 has only ever shown up in here in the US as Samsung 4x DVD+R which only seemed to be available online. :a


Yea i know what you mean, i bought the samsung t01 from rima, but the results weren’t as good i thought they would be. i get really high PI but relatively low pifs.i bought 100 of them and i still have a pack of 50 unopened. i would sell em if anyone wants em. Im just looking for some good media that would give me low pifs and pi. the samsung branded t01 works good only with relativley old firmware, in the case of me the VS08 - VS0B liteon firmware. Are ricoh really reliable? any suggestions?



Office Depot has Maxell 8x both -R and +R on sale pretty often at $19.95 for 50 cakebox - Best Buy has Verbatim 8x both -R and +R on sale this week (2/06 - 2/12) for $19.95 for 50 cakebox-

Both are very good medias-



Local Staples has 8X DVD+R Maxell 02 (Made in Japan). I noticed some spottings at the outermost circumference of the media.




Look package of “Maxell 1-4x DVD+R 4.7Gb in 50pcs spindle pack”



Does anyone know what manufacture are these maxell discs http://www.staples.com/Catalog/Browse/Sku.asp?PageType=1&Sku=511456

and the one that here: Maxell 1-4x DVD+R 4.7Gb in 50pcs spindle pack
Maxell 4.7Gb 1-4x DVD+R 50 pcs spindle from 35p per disc
Multispeed, Manufactured by Maxell, DVD+R discs, packed in protective cakebox spindle. The highest performing and best rated dvd recordable discs on the market today, works with all top recorders. Select your required quantity on the right. Maxell part number 275534
http://www.dvd-and-media.com/dvd%2Br-media.htm I know they must either be ricoh or maxell. any idea ?


the Maxell 25pk spindle is most likely RICOHJPNR01.

I bought a pack of these couple of weeks ago from office depot.
They were on sale for 4.99 (no rebate!).

The packaging is the same and there is PN: 050619-00/SH on the shrinkwrap.
Also, i have bought some Fuji 25 pk made in Taiwan that are RICOHJPNR01.

These types work very good with my BTC IDE1008 writer.




I Bought some Maxell 15pk @ Walmart. I did four back ups with these, Shark Tale-Alien V Predator-Man On Fire- and The Forgotton. They played on my Stand Alone Panasonic player also on my Lite On 5005 and on two of my daughters cheap(!) DVD players fine. Two I burned @12X and one @8X and one@4X I don’t know how to “test” them but visually for me they all looked great. Are these not good discs to buy? I Checked 20 of them and they all say(NERO disc info)
Manufacturer : Ricoh
Disc Type : DVD+R
Usage : General
Recording Layer : -
Recording Speed : 4 X - 12 X
Capacity : 4.38 GB
4700375040 Bytes
Additional Capacity : -
Overburn Capacity : -
I am using a LG 4163 B 100A FW haven’t flashed it yet Dec. 2004 date


Those are very good discs.They will work well on your 4163B.


Thanks Bhairav!