Where have all the Verbatim Pastel DVD -r gone

I have been using the Verbatim (TY) Pastel DVD -r in packs of 5 in cases, for the last year and I have just tried to get some more in the UK but I can only find them at one place on ebay at twice the price. Have they stopped making them and if so can anyone recommend something else instead, preferably TY and where would be a good place to get them in the UK.

Verbatim now outsource their 8x to Ritek so I wouldn’t risk it asthey will be G05 dye and that’s bad.

Yes it is true, those pastel discs are getting rare these days. Such a shame as the quality is outstanding and they look rather cool too.

I got my last lot from here.
It looks like they still have some in stock, both + and - R. I’d better place an order myself before you buy 'em all. :bigsmile:

AFAIK the only Verbs That are G05 are the Pearl White.
I have some MIT 8x -R and can confirm that these are MCC02RG20.

I know Verbatims 16X production is handled by either Prodisc, CMC or MBI and I was under the impression that their later batches of 8X were also made by one of these manufacturers.

If I am wrong and someone has recently bought G05 Verbs Packaged as standard Datalife Plus Super AZO please post!

And [B]Taiyo Yuden[/B] … see here. :slight_smile:



Kim Jong, thanks for the info i have just ordered some from http://www.digitalpromo.co.uk/ as you suggested. Now I will have to see what to get next time, any ideas.

My bad you are correct I was mixing up pastels with pearls. Same first letter it happen occassionally, I’ll use age as an excuse :bigsmile:

I guess JayC30 is right, i had pastels which aren’t TY.

It depends if you want to stick with TY or not.

Either way, check out svp.co.uk.

I bought a tub of 100 unbranded TY -R’s from them last week (TYG02) for 30 quid, great service too.

They send around four e-mails letting you know what’s going on at each stage of your order (card transactions, picking packing etc), and the stuff’s quite well packed.

As for other brands/MIDs to try, MBIPG101R04 sold as Imation or TDK 8x +R -which I believe Francksoy and Arachne are bigging up at the mo.
Verbatim 8x and 16x are usualy good bets too as long as they aren’t described as “Pearl White”. As [B]JayC30[/B] says most pearl white is Ritek. I’ve had a 25 pack of these containing CMC MAG AE1 but real MCC is preferable to either IMO

I’m hesitant to recomend any CMC manufactured discs without knowing what burner(s) you’re using but my BenQ burns these with surprisingly good results, even their Double Layer discs!

If they aren’t TY, most probably “Colour Disc” and not “Pastel Disc” was written on the packaging. :slight_smile:


Hi [B]rapid fire[/B].

Can you confirm that they were 8x.

How were they packaged and what MID?

Sorry for the “rapid fire” :bigsmile: questions but I am curious. I always thought the pastel range was a sure source of TY.



Just saw your post [B]eltranquil[/B] thanks for the info.

TY 16x Verbs… drool… :stuck_out_tongue: I want some!!!

MBIPG101 R04: The Ricoh-branded ones are troublesome. They need Solid Burn (Benq) to give good results.
I cannot vouch for the Imation-branded ones, I have no experience with these.
But yes, I can vouch for the TDK-branded ones, absolutely top-notch stuff in all my burners (Pio 109, NEC 4550 and 3540, Benq 1650) :iagree:

According to [B]Dakhaas[/B], the Philips-branded ones are also great. I’ll give them a go.

@ Kim Jong
Yes that’s what i thought too! They’re 8x, but +R but anyways all Pastels i had from Verbatim for example the +R’s were YUDEN000 T02 but these here not i’ll try to scan the disc to confirm the serial. The same for -R pastels i had till now only TYG02.
@ eltranquil
On the packages was pastel and also MIJ that’s why i guess it’s Yuden but i think it was a labeling mistake like the examples with some Maxell medias.

Incase of 8x MBIL I would recommend to buy The Philips or TDK branded ones these so far have worked very good to me. Were Philips for me was a bit more consistant as TDK. TDK is for me however much easier to get these days.
Philips 8x MBIL is discontinued a 16x version exists so far I haven’t used any MBIL 16x media so I don’t know how these perform.

Ok these here are MCC003’s, sure good stuff but not what i’ve expected!
Especially when lookin on the spindle with MIJ i thought it’s YUDEN000 T02 that’s now the 2nd example i had, it seems you can’t trust nowadays what’s on the label. But much better than the Ritek stuff.

Good to know, thanks. :slight_smile:


Could you check what the serial number and stamper code are?

The stamper code is located on the recording side of the disc near the hub ring. It is easiest to see if you shine a torch light on that part of the disc. Otherwise, you might not be able to find it. It is usually something like ZCxxxx-DVR-X47B.

The serial number is usually printed on the transparent area in the centre of the disc. It is easiest to see by holding the disc while looking at a distant light source (e.g. a lamp or light in the room). The serial number can have many different forms.

I’m asking because I’m trying to figure out who made those MIJ Verbatims exactly. I’m sure other people here are too :wink:

Bigging up those two brands, certainly - any other brand with the MBIPG101 R04 code, I wouldn’t know about, since I haven’t used any other.

They seem very stable so far, though. :iagree:

beware everyone, i’ve seen some pastel dvdr’s verbatims (packaged as usual, 5pcs in slim cases) which have been ‘made in mexico’, dunno which mid it was, as i haven’t bought them. i haven’t seen ty’s pastel for a long, long time in my local area, which is too bad though.

:eek: :eek: :confused: - are you 100% [I]sure[/I] about that?? Nver heard that there was an optical media manufacturer in Mexico!..

ZC9667-DVR-X478 like i said mcc003’s.