Where have all the good Verbs gone?!

I had a thread awhile ago ‘Verbs won’t load/play’, where newer CMC verbs wouldn’t be recognized by my old Toshiba 1609 and as it turns out my sis’s Sony 314, but would work on my new Sony NS55P. I exchanged at Best Buy for what I thought was Prodisc Verbs (short hub, low lip, no square) but they had the PAPA code. They worked in the dvd players and scanned fair (pif’s around 450 usually after burning a bunch/SB learning).

Best Buy had another sale about a month ago 25 spindles so bought 2 and these are definately Prodisc, but they’re horrible: 1st burn:

OS off SB on/on WOPC on 12x, original firmware (too chicken to mess w/it)

oops… clear SB data in qscan and burn a few more:

not good but semi-livable - it plays fine. here’s around the 10th burn:

and did another today: 13th burn:

I’ve found it takes over 30 to get really really good burns on my Benq, but this is rediculous. I’ve tried 8x 12x 16x burns no difference, they all come out not too good.

Other thing I’m thinking about now is my burner suks - was getting superb burns before w/CMC verbs - I only have the 1 burner and none of my friends have one so can’t try these discs elsewhere, too late to return 'em now too.

Where have all the good Verb’s gone?! This is the 4th not-very-good spindle of Verbs I’ve gotten now (#3/fair thought was Prodisc but was CMC w/450+ pifs etc). I haven’t opened 25-spindle #2 yet.

edit: fixed pics…

Except for the first scan (looks like dust!), all the other scans are fine.
450+ PIF does not mean that the disc is unreadable. If the TRTs are fine, then you shouldn’t worry too much about these discs.

Agree with kg_evilboy, all but the first are fine. There are no problems with the discs :disagree:

Have you even tried a couple burns with SB off? It doesn’t always help (on my 1640 it often lessens the results in fact).

:sad: Where have all the good VERBS gone, long time passing
Where have all the good VERBS gone, long long time ago… :sad:

The above should be sung to the tune of “Where have all the flowers gone” while burning :stuck_out_tongue:

the 1st wasn’t dust, I’ve become very picky about that before putting into my burner - my guess was the SB got used to CMC and didn’t like how Prodiscs tasted…

Here’s a TRT from pic #2 above semi-livable - looks fine and plays fine in my Toshi.

and some qscans, not recommended for 16x is says.

Anything over 5 pif’s will mess up in my parents & sis’s players. will try without SB enabled lata.

This is what I consider GOOD - unlike the above Prodiscs - I don’t like 1000+ pif’s; one of the last from my last spindle (thought they were Prodisc but turned out to be CMC):

As a matter of fact, the good Verbies are [I]gone with the Evil[/I] off the shelves…
6 + 4 + 4 (= 14) of them are in my stash. Lots of them in others’ hands.

MCC 002 + MCC 003 + MCC 02RG20, all made in Singapore. :stuck_out_tongue:
Didn’t even dare to burn them yet… :bigsmile:

So you’re the one responsible for removing all the good Verbatims from the market. Given your username we should have suspected this! :wink:

Your punishment will be to send the best of your Verbie stash plus some That’s media to a certain dragon cave in Denmark! :bigsmile:

Wasn’t the first scan from the top of the spindle ? I’ve noticed that those discs often produce slightly worse scans than the rest.

yeah molart, I sometimes get that too with the 1st disc…

If a cakebox was not treated properly during shipping, it can be that the first disc gets scratched.

looked fine, zero scratches no dust (can o air inspect under bright light etc)

:sad: Gone to evilboy, everyone. When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn :sad:
Having media you’re afraid to burn is like having wine in a cellar you’re afraid to drink. Don’t wait too long evilboy :rolleyes:

Well buying media these days is like buyin’ a box’o’chocolates, ya never know what ya’gonna get! :smiley:

But unlike a box of chocolates, they aren’t all good! :doh: :wink:

Yeah but not all the chocolates are good too. Some have a sticky, hard gewy caramelish paste that stick to your teeth and pull out your fillings :slight_smile: and others have a creamy, liquourish taste to it…You have only 2 or 3 of those in a box the rest is just plain or crap :smiley:

All this talk about chocolate makes me hungry :smiley:

“Semi-livable”? According to the scan? You must be kidding. :bigsmile: As other have mentioned, apart form the first scan, all the others are fine, even very good, and waaaaay ahead scans you can get with discs that are perfectly readable nevertheless.

Anything over 5 pif’s will mess up in my parents & sis’s players.
:eek: Sorry but I think you’ve probably jumped to conclusions from very limited and loose testing. This sounds like nonsense. No offence intended. Just that I’ve performed enough tests to know that such statements are utterly suspect, and come in general from very limited testing (1 or 2 discs) leading to premature conclusions though what have been observed had nothing to do with the scanning figures.

I have discs scanning faaaar worse than this in my Benqs (6000+ PIFs total, PIF-16 peaks etc…) playing flawlessly in the pickiest players around.

To my knowledge, apart from the infamous NEC re-linking PIF spikes, a clear correlation between PIF single peaks and readability has never been demonstrated, so when you’re talking about in-specs PIF single peaks that would impact the reading, I can only switch to skeptical mode. :bigsmile:

I agree completely with Fracnk. He said what I wanted to say, just much more smartly :stuck_out_tongue:

Those discs all look fine apart from the first one. Can you verify that all the ones with a PIF higher than 5 don’t play properly? Or have you sort of jumped the gun a little?

They just don’t scan as pretty as they used to. :frowning:

Just finished one mediocre 50 disc tub of CMC made MCC004

This is the second disc out of another tub.
I’ve never seen PIE and Jitter so high on MCC004 I’ve previously burned.

Was this burned with your BenQ?