Where have all the DW1620s gone?

Having decided to buy a DW1620 I have now found that I can’t find one.

Does anyone know of an online retailer in the UK with a reasonably priced black DW1620s in stock?

I don’t care whether it’s retail, oem, or a rebadge, so long as it can be flashed to the latest Benq firmware.


Have you tried EBUYER… They had over 500 in stock a week ago. That’s where i purchased mine.

Yes I’ve tried Ebuyer and the status is ‘stock overdue’. That’s for a retail drive which is biege in the picture. The only item they have listed as black is a 10 pack which is also out of stock.

The retail drives don’t come with both black and biege facias by any chance do they?

http://www.compgeeks.com should have them in-stock. Newegg I thought had the retail version in stock and the Nu Technology DDW-163 is in stock for $58 or whatever again which is an all black or all beige drive (That’s the one I have too flashed to B7T9 and it works marvelously!).

Thanks for the suggestions but I’m on the other side of the Atlantic.

I need a supplier in the UK, or at least somewhere in Europe that will ship cheaply.

I bought my Bblack Philips 1640 (OEM ) form Overclockers (UK) for £33.50 + Vat about a week ago.

The last time I looked, stock was still available.

Ahhh, sorry about that bremen. I’d go with Rambaud’s suggestion - you could potentially try amazon.co.uk - although you may pay more for it there at least they should have it in stock hopefully. :slight_smile:

If you care for a black Philips OEM 1640G

Thanks to Rambaud (and everyone else), I’ve ordered the Philips from Overclockers. I don’t know why I didn’t check their site in the first place as I visit it at least once a week.

Now I’ve just got convince my old man that he needs a DVD writer and flog him my ND2500 flashed to ND2510.

I would stick with Phillips f/w. 3.2 seems to be good right now. Plus you will still have the kewl lights i keep hearing about.


I should add that the OEM version of the Philips 1640 does not come with the “kewl lights” - contrary to the Overclockers photo. :sad:

Still a good drive,

Well you can get the retail beige 1620 from Elara.ie for €84/£58

Also Kustom PC’s have the Shuttle CR40 listed which is a 1620 re-badge and actually has a much nicer front bezel that comes in black and silver and their charging £69



hey, whats the difference between the philips 1640 and 1640K? (just the colour?) im about to buy one of these from OcUK… thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve got a DVDR1640K on order from OcUk at the moment, it should be with me tomorrow (Tuesday, 1st).

I would guess that it will actually be a PBDV1640G without the flashy leds. I can provide the exact details when it arrives if you would like.

As far as I know, there have been a shortage of BenQ drives in Europe. I have also had one on order from one of the distributors in Norway, and the shipping date to them have been unconfirmed a long time and constantly pushed back. But last time I spoke to them they now had it confirmed for close to the middle of February.

What about the re-badges - Philips, MSI, Enlight etc?

Not sure, have not access to these brands for optical drives.

Could be BenQ is gradually emptying the channel of existing retail 1620 drives in preparation for the 1640 its replacement ?

I think so too.

The drive also becomes quite scarce in french shops.