Where have all the Blu Ray Burners Gone?


I remember a few years ago when Blu Ray was first out and the Burners for them (as I remember Lite On, Sony, Plextor, and LG) were sparse and very expensive. ($450 => $600).

I’m a patient type (and cheap:iagree:) so I decided to wait and hope the Format War (HD DVD Vs. Blu Ray) would fall in my direction, as I got a PS3 as soon as they came out for my boys for Christmas a couple years back.

I couldn’t justify the first generation cost for a burner and the media was really non-existent in Vancouver, B.C., Canada (and still seems to be sparse). I remember when DVD Burners (heck, I remember when CD burners first arrived as I was an early adopter -I had a HP 2X parallel port CD Burner the first month they came out => Oh what speed :doh: and it made more Coasters than real working CDs :Z)

When DVD Burners came out I remembered my first CD experience and waited a bit (my Brother Jumped in on a 4X Sony @ $650 as he was building a new Box and wanted the latest and greatest :sad:) and I finally jumped in when a Plextor PX 708 was less than $200 (eventually became an 8X DVD multiburner when the stock firmware was replaced). Now of course you can get a very decent 20X Burner for less than $30 here.

So now I’m in the mood to look again at Blu Ray Burners, expecting to see lots of different OEMs, Models with low prices, and find little out there. And what I do find is still very expensive in my mind :confused:.

Can you find more than a handful at decent prices?

Thanks for the assist.:cool:

LG GGW 20 for under e200 is not that expensive anymore… rebadged by Buffalo and others too.