Where has the Gnome gone on his holidays (aka Ben)

Ok its known that garden Gnomes go on holidays …where do you think Ben has gone…the forum seems a little empty without him (come back Ben)

He had to watch his post count that was agreed upon…
But Domi helped him out a bit, so he should be back shortly…but he has to continue watching the agreed post count…as long as he does, he may have a long and prosperous life on these forums…

So in a way…I’d say he was in the dungeon :wink:

Ben, stop posting outside of the Living Room. Don’t waste your precious posts. Use it where it counts most… right here. :slight_smile:

He’s in the dungeon hiding underneath a mushroom :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s in the dungeon, with his hands bound behind his back so he can’t post :smiley:

can we slap him , like in dungeon keeper?
(j/k) :stuck_out_tongue:

@hello dee. norty

i found ben :slight_smile:


Something else you want to slap? :iagree:

I’t obvious he’s sprouted a fishing rod & is now standing out near a fish pond, like all good garden gnomes :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he just hip puberty and now he’s more interested in girls. Go out and have fun, young man, and don’t come home til you lose your virginity! :wink:

if I may add… to a girl ben, definitely to a girl

LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

But isn’t that his decision?

Certainly, but I am hoping to ispire him to opt for females.

What is wrong with men…you make it sound like it is putting your Willy in a Sausage slicer… :wink:

You beat me to it. :iagree: When he was PWing, I was going to suggest he might spend some more time pursuing the fairer sex and less plegged in. :wink:

decisions,decisions,girl gnome,boy gnome,girl gnome,boy gnome as long as you stay away from pixies you should be right ben :bigsmile:

Bens post count has finally dropped below 20 a day may his shackles be released and the dungeon door be opened hooray for ben hooray :stuck_out_tongue:

No need to make a new thread for this, let’s keep this together…

AVAST! IM BACK! Never went away. post count now below 20
now to get back to spelling posts poorly ;).

nice to see you all again


ben :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

ps. i have still been visiting every few hours, people who pmed me will know this :wink:

lol welcome back;)