Where has my hard drive gone



can somebody please help me with this dilemma.:confused:
i had my pc built for me, the person decided to partition the 80GIG hard drive, 20G for the C drive, 60G for the D drive.
ive been having a few problems with the computer lately and i had to reinstall XP on the weekend - dont ask why.
now i only have the 20G drive, where has the other 60 gone
how can i get it back
any help would be appreciated.


Does the drive show up in disk manager? If you don’t know already, right click my computer then click manage. Once this opens click on disk management. Here you should see all the drives that Windows sees. Perhaps your D drive has simply lost the drive letter which is easy to fix from this point.



thanks RM
that was exactly the problem. now i know where the rest of the hard drive is, am i able to put that other 60GIG on the ‘C’ drive so i have 1 80GIG hard drive and not have 2 seperate drives.


I don’t think what you are asking is that easy and straight forward. It might be possible with special software. One I can remember from many years ago was ‘Partition Magic’. I think it would allow you to combine partitions into one but not sure.

The easiest option would be to obtain another drive (temp if needed) and then move all the contents of your D drive to the temp. Then you would probably need to reformat your C drive and use the entire space. Then reinstall Windows. Then move the D data back to the C drive. Not a very convenient thing to attempt.

Personally, I prefer to have at least 2 different drives/partitions as your original config was setup. I try to install my OS (XP) on the C drive and then install most programs to a D drive. Just a personal pref I guess.

Hopefully someone else here has better ideas for what you want to do.



cool, thanks RM
since you said its not that easy and straight forward, looks like i will learn to like to seperate drives.

i have another thing im hoping you can help with. when i first turn the computer on a message comes up and tells me i either have to hit f2 to enter set up, or hit F1 to continue, regardless of my choice it then goes to another black screen giving me 2 options of XP professional to run.
this never use to happen, how do i get rid of that, or do you need more details on what has happened


I don’t know if RichMan is/will be online but you might want to try Tweak at PowerToys. I honestly don’t know if it will solve your problem but there is a logon option in Tweak.



craigh, I’ve had systems at work that did the same thing. It would drive me nuts to power the PC on and come back a few minutes later and it was waiting for me to push a damn button before it would continue. I found a BIOS setting that solved this. It was called something like ‘halt on errors’ I think but it’s been a few years.

Getting 2 options of XP to boot from sounds like a ‘boot.ini’ file issue. This file is probably a hidden file but you can open it with Notepad once you can un-hide it. It should be in the root of C:. I’ll post what mine looks like:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

You might be able to modify this file to solve the problem. BUT, be very careful as I think you can really screw things up if you do it wrong. ( you won’t lose data but you might not be able to boot until you somehow repair the file ).

Try what Jeff mentions first.



If you are looking for a free partition program maybe you might want to look at PartedMagic I haven’t used it yet but i like what i’ve read.