Where exactly is the lens on a DVD Recorder so I can clean it?

OK, so I suspect that my DVD Recorder’s lens is dirty because all of a sudden it’s no longer playing discs. I know I’m supposed to clean it with dry cloth, but I don’t know where to find the lens LOL. Seriously, where exactly is the lens on a DVD Recorder so I can clean it and get back to recording. Someone help me out…is it easy to get to and clean regularly?



Welcome to CDF Jason.They make lens cleaner discs just for this purpose. You can buy them even at WalMart.

dont touch the lens with a cloth - use a lens cleaner disc as suggested by wobble

I have never had to clean a lense! Wow! I guess those peanut butter SWs really do a job on a player! LOL

Ow! Then better use Isopropanol and a q-tip (only for experienced users!).

mine sometimes does that before you clean it try unplugging it from the mains and leave off for 20 mins dunno exactly why but it works for my phillips probibly crashed or sumat

Hey guys, thanks for the welcome and advice. Here’s the weird part though…I had the same problem with my last recorder (same brand and model) and I put a cleaner disc in it and it just said “unknown disc” like any other disc and ejected it. Thats why I really don’t know what to do.

Anyone ever had the cleaner disc unread like that, or know what the problem could be? No professional has been able to tell me, and I’ve never done anything differently like keep it near heat or water. Hopefully someone has an idea cause I’m out a lot of money if this (my second recorder) goes down.


Can’t say as I’ve ever had that happen…but i’ve only used a cleaning disc a couple of times. Generally, they just auto start…I think. You could try to hit play prior to the “failed read”. Also, there should be instructions on the case. I have an old maxell cleaner around here, but can’t locate it right now…but I seem to remember having to choose track two on the disc.

You shall check if it is appropriate for PC drives, as there are some for home players that say "not to be used in CD(DVD)-ROM.
I don’t know if thats true or just marketing crap, but just 2 weeks ago I had to clean the lenses of 2 old drives (museum pieces by nowadays obsolescence speed - a Creative 12x CD-ROM +8 years old and a Philips 3610 that has just one more year of live and can record at the amazing speed o 2x - only good feature they are old and “stupid” enough to ignore some “advanced” things added to CDs).
This went just fine, and the package (lent to me by a friend) had all the instructions.
I’m seure you will get the right stuff and do it with no prob.

It’s not a PC drive, it’s a standalone recorder. But yeah maybe I just had the wrong kind of cleaning disc or something. I really hope it’ll work. I can’t locate my old cleaning disc so I’m going to Target or something to get a new one tomarrow. So it seems like there can be no other problem here? Cause I don’t see anything else. I’m glad you guys are sure, cause I really wanna get it working again.


When you said,"…I suspect that my DVD Recorder’s lens is dirty because all of a sudden it’s no longer playing discs…" Does it play lousy or not at all? Also, will it record? I’m thinking here, that maybe your laser (play) has gone belly up.

It won’t play at all. And when I put a blank in to record something, it just says “unknown disc” and ejects that as well. Thing is, my first recorder did the same thing and I’ve only had this one for a month and a half, so I can’t imagine both lasers went bad so quickly.


As long as we can rule out the peanut butter sws that etp mentioned, I don’t think a lens cleaner is gonna make any difference… :sad: What brand/model recorder is it and where’d you get it?..Any chance you can return or maybe exchange it?

It’s a Zenith DVR416 and I got it from Dom’s TV by my house in Pittsburgh. The warrenty is nowhere near up so maybe I can if the lens tomarrow doesn’t work.


If it were me, I’d return it in a heartbeat, particularly, since this is the same problem with the same model. The retailer shouldn’t give you a hard time about this one… :iagree:

Yeah I hope I can get an exchange, and then this doesn’t happen again. I can only pray.


What speed rated media have you put into the recorder?

If it is within the guaranty period do nothing else, play the naïve type of guy and show up at shop saying “my player doesn´t work anymore and I can find no reason for that”.
If you say you tried to clean the lenses you’ll risk to loose the guaranty (or at least to give them a reason to try to tell it to you…)

I’m not exactly sure, but that wouldn’t make it go crazy would it?


It could, with some new high-rated media.
It’s not that critical like with dvd computer burners, but who knows.