Where (exactly)do I put the HD temp sensor?

…I’ve got a new case that has a cpu and HD temp gauge on it. It might seem a daft question but where (exactly)do I put the HD temp sensor? The HDs are not really put to much use in my home PC so don’t really get hot (I think).
Would I be better just having it as a case temp sensor?

all the new HD’s already have a temp sensor build in.
thats the only good spot to place a HD temp sensor, build it in. but you cant do that without opening the HD, so i wonder why is there a HD temp gauge when there is already one build in?
you only need software to read it out, MM5 for example

Didn’t know that. My main HD is a quantum fireball so does that have one?
I don’t need the temp sensor, it’s just the case I’ve bought has one - seems a shame not to use it :wink:

Put it on the part of the drive that probably has the circle considering that is the hottest part of the drive