Where does Recode stores data about processed DVD?

Where does Recode 2 save/store the processed
“First/Initial Analysis” data (files).

When you quit and restart Recode 2 and use the same DVD movie/source (even weeks later), the (initial) analysis is skipped, advanced analysis option, if selected before, is no more available.

In short, once you have processed a DVD, Nero Recode will recognizes it and knows everything it needs to know about it prior to backing it up again.

The data must be stored somewhere !! I can’t figure where.

Searching the registry is a scary proposition as Nero appears to have zillion of entries in it. Never saw so much written in the registry by a program.

This potentially means that a malignant program could access and transmit a list of all the DVD you ever processed with Recode on your platform to someone ??


C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Ahead

Thanks Cynthia,
I was looking in %userprofile% …:frowning: didn’t dawn on me that it would be in All Users