Where does DVD Decrypter stand in the forum?



Hey guys,
I wanted to ask where does DVD Decrypter stands in the forum? Is the whole program illegal now? Or just the decryption ability? I ask because I dont know If I can tell a member to use DVD Decrypter to back-up his PS2 games, and if I can where can I direct him to get it?



As far as i know dvd decryptor is only illegal in uk not other countries…


DVD Decrypter has been shut down in the UK for UK legislation. However this does not apply to our forums. You can normally speak about the program just like you did before. I am also sure you are able to find alternative download locations where you can get the program and for now there is no objection to link to them.

Of course CD Freaks does not encourage people to use illegal programs to copy illegal titles!