Where does Debro hang his insaneHat?



First thing everyone does at night, is open the door, hang their hat on the Hatstand, and flop down on the couch, right? Right?
Hmm … time to play a game … where does debro hang his insaneHat at night, and why?

Brownie points for imagination only.


You can’t repeat someone elses answer.
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Apart from the Hat, Debro is and shall remain fully dressed for the entirety of this game.

I’ll start, naturally.

Debro hangs his insanehat over his bedside star, because it creates a funky blackhole/shadow effect for earth scientists to ponder over, caused by the swinging corks.


Debro never takes his hat off, so hangs it nowhere, other than “overhead”, which creates an accounting nightmare!


Debro hangs his insanehat over his live-in kangaroo which can then go on out and perform Debros second job as a pizza delivery boy.



Having been in debros apartment numerous times - I know for a fact that he infact gives it to slayerking to wear for three reasons:
(1) they both share the exact head size
(2) they both like the dangling corks that keep the abo flies at bay and
(3) after they pay their taxes - they cannot afford a hat for each of them-
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it-eh!




Debro wears underpants on head instead of hat!


Debro keeps his insane hat with him at all times - he NEVER takes it off.
Why? … You may well ask, why…

The terrible truth is that “debro” (as we know him) has been a patient in a high security mental institution for many, many years. The poor man is afflicted the the permanent delusion that he is in fact the 18th century British explorer, Sir Giles Pinkerton Simley Perkins III.
The original Sir Giles Pinkerton Simley Perkins III (“Pinkers” to his terribly posh British aristocratic friends) captained a sea voyage of discovery to a far away, and as yet undiscovered land, we now know as Australia.
The voyage was doomed as Pinkers, who had no practical skills (being an aristocrat) decided that a diet of sauerkraut would keep his crew happy and free of scurvy for the entire voyage. Terrible things happened on that ship as a result of the sauerkraut induced flatulence, and in sight of the Australian coast, the ship blew sky high after one particular build up of methane proved too much. All hands were lost in the explosion… except somehow “Pinkers” survived. He is reported to have been plagued by chronic flatulence for the rest of his days.

Now, back in Australia a few years ago, “Debro” was researching his family tree, and discovered that he was the direct descendant of Sir Giles Pinkerton Simley Perkins III. There could be no doubt about it; for he too had been plagued with vicious flatulence for his entire life. Not only was he horribly flatulent, but also he was the direct descendant of a British aristocratic nincompoop!!!
The news sent him over the edge, and down the other side into his safe place. From that day on he has firmly believe himself to be good old “Pinkers”.
The insane hat stays firmly on his head, for he believes himself to be on the long and gassy voyage from Britain, and will eat nothing but a diet of sauerkraut.

Recently he has been undergoing therapy with Ms Kylie Minogue, who also believes herself to be a British aristocrat.


Yeah! She was incarcerated because she suffers from the delusion that she can sing.
Doctors were going to incarcerate the entire population of the British Isles, but it turned out too costly, so instead, the government commissioned some engineers & scientents to design & build a time machine, and took back a few megaton warheads & used them to seperate England from the rest of the European Continent, as a favour to mankind.


:bigsmile: That’s actually true :iagree:

Anyway… you still think you’re British :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh? I’m far from it … I’m partially German, Austrian, Hungarian (Via sheep rooter land) & Scottish … my mother was very sporting, apparently :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you sure you want me to tell them where you actually do hang your insaneHat?

if you really wanna know…he hangs it on my bed post so when he leaves he doesn’t forget it…he has some wild hair in the mornings…:wink:


Yo Phd-

There - y’all went and did it again - got into sniffin’ what you are mixin’ again-

The descendant of “Pinkers” - is actually Slayerking - the Fart King and general resident perv - of all of CDFdom - that is why he wears the insane hat when his bud debro isn’t (Slayerkink is also a night person - whereas debro is definitely a day person - so the hat arrangement works out perfectly)-

Sorry to have to straighten out your genealogy - but someone sober - has to keep the records straight-eh!


Does he hang it on his poll?
I can´t see a poll anywhere.



why are you wanting to see Debro’s poll thats just…not nice :bigsmile:


Yo S_S-

When someone calls their Vienna sausage “Captain Winkie” - I don’t think that you really want to see their poll-eh!


its not what it looks like…it after is what you do with it! or Debro in this case


Just what is it you “do” with Debro?

Doh…why did I ask?



Yo deano-

See that you are learning some english phrases from Geno-eh!!! :iagree: :iagree: :doh:


You mean I’m not supposed to drink that stuff? :confused:



Probably not - unless y’all work for Molson or Labatts-eh!