Where do you get your knowledge?

Sorry if I misunderstand your question. I don’t think that dreams can give knowledges. A dream can help to solve a problem encountred in real life because is the expression of the brain working on the problem during sleep, but knowledge can not derive from a dream.

I intend knowledge as the sum of all informations that each individuals accumulates during life. Dreams can help to solve problems, can help to create stories and genial discoveries, but cannot give knowledge.

An exception can be future prevision, because a dream allow to know exactly what will happen. But does it really exists?

These are only my opinions, don’t take that as statements.

I think you are limiting your definition of a dream or dreaming to during a state of sleep.
v. tr.
To experience a dream of while asleep: Did it storm last night, or did I dream it?
To conceive of; imagine.
To pass (time) idly or in reverie.
I think most current knowledge originated from a “dream” or idea that spurred someone to invent or think of new ways to do something which people later call “Knowledge”.

That exactly sounds like knowledge working.

That was why I mentioned quantity as well as quality to make it clear not to disregard low-quality knowledge and tiny amount of knowledge. If you don’t define knowledge to include dreams, ideas, feelings, thoughts, imaginations, etc., then replace the word with something like “everything that happens inside brains” which must include our muscle reflex, DNA, or even “the first reason why my God created me.”

I suspect people are confusing the three terms: Data, Information & Knowledge.

Data -> Raw facts
Information-> Refined data, so that it is useful.
Knowledge-> Application & Processing of relevant Information to solve a problem.