Where do you buy your computer components these days?

Though I don’t buy components very often these days, as I have stopped making computers for others, I still do a little bit of window shopping from time to time online. I even ordered a bit more ram for my main computer last week. But I’m not too well informed on the alternative spots to shop anymore.

Since I’m in the US, my primary internet site to window shop is Newegg. Their site is organized in such a way as to make comparisons between items quite easy. But they are not always the best price. For a couple of years, I’ve also been ordering from Amazon.com. I no longer do so since they’ve started charging state tax on everything.

Mwave was always a secondary site for me to look for computer gear, but they don’t seem to be as competitive anymore. The downturn in the economy seems to have hit them a little harder than Newegg or Amazon. Directron is another to consider if you are not in Texas. They carry a good selection of computer cases and power supplies.

So, I’m mostly stuck with Newegg. This last item I ordered has been shipped through DHL–>USPS. Which generally means I’ll be lucky to see it before the end of the month. I hate having this option pop up as their free shipping. And you don’t really know until after you’ve placed the order that you’re getting the DHL turtle express. The handoff between DHL and USPS has added a couple of days in the past for some orders and tracking anything with USPS is darn near impossible.

Other choices? Fry’s, MicroCenter?

If you live in the UK or other parts of Europe, you might want to chip in on your shopping sites too, as that could be helpful to our members on that side of the pond.

I like to shop at NewEgg because their website and search are generally very well organized. I also don’t pay sales tax because they are in California and I’m in Washington. I also buy a lot of stuff from Amazon but since their search really really sucks (really!) I’ll usually search elsewhere and go to Amazon with a pretty specific shopping list. I’m a Prime member so I get free 2 day shipping, but since Amazon has a Washington presence I pay tax on most things.

Newegg and Microcenter.

Newegg hands down. And I buy all my cables at MonoPrice. They have ridiculously cheap prices for such high quality items. Screw Best Buy and their $250 HDMI cables…

Whoa. Am I the only one who buys almost all needed PC parts and things in a local store?

After many years, I’ve cut Newegg loose.
Idiots refused to issue an RMA for a bad board the shipped me.

Almost everything is purchased locally from CompUSA (Tiger Direct).
It’s a short drive in the event of a defective product.
Sales taxes are applicable, but it is completely hassle free.

[QUOTE=aka74;2663316]Whoa. Am I the only one who buys almost all needed PC parts and things in a local store?[/QUOTE]

I buy stuff at CostCo, but the only local computer store here in Oly WA thinks you ought to spend around $900 for an i3 system…

I’ve mainly shopped at Newegg, a few times at Amazon, since IL hasn’t collected taxes from both (yet). Otherwise, there are Microcenter, Fry’s, and Tigerdirect all in the Chicagoland area that I’ll stop by ~1x/2x a month.

Usually on line it’s Newegg. Brick and mortar stores it’s Fry’s. There are 3 of them fairly close. We also have a Comp-usa, and a Microcenter about 30 min drive from here. And of course Worst buy, Staples and Office Supply.

[QUOTE=aka74;2663316]Whoa. Am I the only one who buys almost all needed PC parts and things in a local store?[/QUOTE]

I used to shop at Fry’s. They seem to have plenty of everything. However, then I discovered MicroCenter. They have much, much better deals than Fry’s.

The actual answer is where I can get the best price.
Unlike Nemesys New Egg RMAed a couple of RAM sticks with no problem . That was a couple of years ago so they may have changed with the bad economy.

I did the same with a printer from Amazon . So I would buy from them as well .

Although I have a Lenovo & it has worked well I’m not sure I would buy another computer from them. They were completly uncooperative when I told them although the computer I bought had Vista . I wanted to change it back to XP.
I even sent them a URL from their own site that showed my model was supposed to have XP in the specs . They said that was outdated but I got the URL the same day I sent Lenovo the e-mail . So how could it be outdated ? Any way I lost that battle but Lenovo did too as I will look for another brand.

  1. Tigerdirect.com

  2. Newegg.com

  3. Amazon.com

And I sometime use buy.com

Mr. Bill :slight_smile:

Amazon, eBuyer, but in general wherever’s the cheapest providing it’s a reliable source.

I used to buy a lot from Dabs.com but they introduced a £15 surcharge for delivery to Northern Ireland which made them useless to me for smaller items and I’ve hardly ever used them since.

MyMemory are good for memory cards and related items.

I’ve just bought a 16GB Sandisc Extreme 45MB/s SDHC memory card from them for my new camera reduced from £61.99 to £10.95!


Amazon hands down the best for my needs.:wink:

[QUOTE=alan1476;2663497]Amazon hands down the best for my needs.;)[/QUOTE]

Alan, the only thing about amazon now is the taxes. So I cut back a lot from buying from them. The good thing was, from where I live the shipping was fast. No more than a few days.

Mr. Bill :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=aka74;2663316]Whoa. Am I the only one who buys almost all needed PC parts and things in a local store?[/QUOTE]

You know, I have tried to buy bits and pieces from local stores. Radio Shack is worthless. Their salespeople know nothing about the products they sell and try to push phones on you. Molex to SATA power connector? What’s that?

Best Buy charges a fortune for cables and bits. Not to mention they didn’t have any SATA data cables that weren’t 3 inches long and cost $20. Ethernet cord? 6" will cost you at minimum $20 bucks.

There is a Microcenter in the area, but its a costly train ride. I recently purchased some compressed air from Amazon because 2 x 10oz cans of air were 10 bucks shipped was cheaper than the train ride and the cost of compressed air.

For cables and cords I usually buy from Monoprice, Cyberguys, or Amazon.

Usually I buy computer parts from Newegg, as the Edison warehouse is about 90 minutes from my place. In the past, shipping has been very fast and I"ve been satisfied with their products. The downside is that I have to pay state tax. Which didn’t bother me too much However, I"ve gotten annoyed with them after the PSU I bought from them didn’t work. I had to pay for shipping to send it back and then wait for them to process and determine whether I should get my money back. So I"m leaning towards buying from Amazon more.

I usually stick to online stores that I know are reliable, and who are very competitive.
E-Buyer, Overclockers UK, and Scan computers.
For smaller items for which I’m not in hurry, I use Amazon with free 3 to 5 day delivery.

Wow, all the bases seem covered. I wish I could recommend something new. Just my 2 cents in advice. Don’t go overboard upgrading an older PC… even with RAM, if you have 4gb on windows 7 it’s still compeltely relevant… what you might want to buy is some fast USB flash drive and utilize it as READYBOOST (Windows 7 O/S). Lots of the fly-by-nights from ebay selling pc components are not competitive anymore. People flock to quality & people who can back their sales up with customer service/rma support.

As for me? I’m waiting a minimum of 5 years to invest another cent in my system. I spent upwards of $700 in my system piecemeal after my monitor finally wend caput. After 5 years, then it’s time to start eyeing a rebuild… not 12-24 months as in the go-go days where there was tangible innovation. Today it’s more about micro-evolution than fast & furious innovation. If you read the tea-leaves at Intel and AMD you can see the new processors are not whiz-bang doubling of computing power (that actually can benefit you) every 18 months. There are no 11ghz single core chips on the horizon and multi-core benefits are plateauing.

Here are decent system specs for 2012:

i5 2.4 - 3.8ghz / A6 A8 2.8 - 4.5ghz
4 - 16gb ram (32 is till overkill).
1gb ram dx11 card (mobo video support acceptable but buy more/faster ram to compensate)
1tb hard drive
Gigabit ethernet network
24" lcd monitor (anything bigger, BUY AN HDTV, not a dedicated monitor, please)

If your system is older or out of spec, wait 1-2 more years (or as long as possible) the premium for usb 3.0, newer chipsets, and premium features on m/b’s will become STANDARD features in the near future (such as MORE full pci-e slots, ufei bios, etc).

  1. Microcenter - good selection and layout
  2. Fry’s - good selection but scary returns mixed in with new items, so be careful
  3. Amazon - not always the best bargain; good delivery if you have Prime

And of course Monoprice has the best cables, and other support hardware. Best prices!


I prefer shops like alternate and mindfactory, drivecity aswell.

I stay away from amazon, mediamarkt/redcoon and others for obvious and known reason.