Where do you Burn your Important Data?.. CD-R or DVD-R?

Hi, well… i rarelly Post this kind of questions, I know this might be asked before. but its a pain in the ass to search for something so general, i mean the words CD-R or DVD-R are too comun in these Forums. So I decided to make a Thread.

Well, this could end in a DVD vs CD Flamming thread…Ok, firstly. I like to collect many Data things (mp3, videos, movies, games, etc) and i really like to care all that data. i have many mp3 albums and now im collecting movies too, originals and DVD-r. I know that DVD movies and many dvd games cant be burned in CDs cause the Size, but what about other files that are not too big, but together could fit in DVD easily. By example, i have many CD-Rs with mp3 albums, like 400 CD-Rs in slim cases, and thats a lot of space in my room, so i thinking to back up all that into DVD and stop baking up into Cds, i used good quality Cds (Verbatim) and if i end backing up to DVD, it will be in Verbatim DVDs too. so what do u recommend for the Data that u really care and that could fit in a varius Cds or one Single DVD… CD or DVD?? what could live longer??..

Thanks in Advance,

Both cd’s and dvd’s will work and have a long life span as long as you use quality media like verbatim or Ty. Life span of either depend alot on how they are treated and taken care of. If they are mistreated they will not last long but if treated right either one will last you more then plenty IMO.

You could always by a second HD and store them there but that is still not guarenteed either. If you dont have the money you could use something like partition magic and create a new partition on an exsisting HD and use it as storage only. If you do something like either one of these I would still create some kind of back up on disk as well and srore them in a safe place just to be safe. :wink:

One thing to look at is how many cd’s you use and the price of them per disc compared to dvd’s. They come oout to almost the same price if you watch out for sales. The main thing that you would save is gonna be space.

I personally put almost all of my stuff on dvd because i have aquired alot of stuff that I want to hang on to. I run across some apps sometimes that I think that I may be able to use in the future so I save them to my second HD and after I aquire so many I update the previous dvd and add the new stuff.

At one time i used cdrs, but when i got a dvd burner i made the switch. I’m not not sure how true this is but i’ve heard dvd+r are better for databackup so thats what i use. I think from a technological standpoint its a better format with dvd+DL being available and dvd-rDL not. You technophiles feel free to correct me if i’m wrong.