Where Do We Put Scans of Media With Fake Codes?



Is there a thread or threads for scans of Playo, Dynex, NexxTech, and other media with fake MIDs?


There are already threads for fake Taiyo Yuden, for fake Mitsubishi media codes, for fake TDK and for fake Ricoh Dual Layer:

Fake Taiyo Yuden DVD+R

Fake Taiyo Yuden DVD-R

Fake Mitsubishi Chemicals DVD+R

Fake Mitsubishi Chemicals DVD-R

Fake Mitsubishi Chemicals DVD+R DL

fake TDK DVD-R

Fake Ricoh DVD+R DL

If more fake threads are needed, you can make your own according to the guidelines or ask Arachne or myself to create the thread(s).