WHERE do u get test software?



i wanna Test my princo on 2X on R- and see how many error it has on my Pioner A107 , ive checked on the other link on cdfreaks.com about the errors on each sort of disk/brand but it only tells me the speeds of 4X i just want to know 2X speed using princo dvd r-

so if uve alrdy done the test post it


send me link for software so i can test it



Using a Sledgehammer is the only means for testing Princo disks. Do yourself
and your writer a favour and buy decent media.

The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.


Try Datawrite they are reasonably cheap but good


Better be careful with those… some Datawrite are actually Princo discs!


Uhmm,if I haven´t missunderstand you totally ? :confused: you´d probably could do with Nero Cd-Dvd speed and see if it works at 2x´s with your dvd burner and check your disc´s./gs.