Where do Nero dvd images stored?

I am having a problem.

I copy a dvd to another dvd and by doing so it has to create an image file which is stored in my documents. When I finish the burning and go to the file to delete it, it is not there however it still steals 4 gigs from my harddrive. I do a search for the extention and nothing is found. All I want is to recover my 4 gigs of harddrive missing.

Etienne :frowning:

It will not be stored in your documents folder, but your ID’s temp folder (configurable within Nero). You can set Nero up to delete this temp file once the copy has completed. Do a search in your ID’s folder for ‘.nrg’, without the quotes and you should find it.

I have nero version and that option for deletion is not there.

When I do a search for *.nrg on my whole c drive nothing is found.


You didn’t look hard enough…I’ve just found it.

In Nero, new selection, select DVD copy, first tab (labelled ‘Image’) shows location of temp NRG file (and its name)…directly underneath that is a box, “Delete image file after disc copy”.

You must have a different version than me because mine, there is an option called “favourites” which I choose copy dvd. Then a screen pops out saying select source and destination then at the bottom it says “copy”.

There is one option at the bottom of the screen that says “more” which shows me the location of the tempimage file however with no option of deletion of image file. It saves it there and then after I close the program and try to search for it, it is not available anywhere for me to delete it.

Version Nero Express

I do. I am using the reagular Nero version, i.e not express. I don’t know if the options set in the regular version will carry over into the express version.

Right now the version dows not really matter…I am just wondering where the temp files are stored so that I can delete them…or find a way to retreive my lost space.


By default it will be C:\Documents and Settings[username]\Local Settings\Temp

By default, the image file will be named TempImage.nrg.

Hope this helps.

I looked in there already and there is nothing. Its weird because you would think that since you are copying a disc to another disc that automatically it would delete the image file and restore your disk space…ahh well i will have to format my harddrive and find another version of nero that has the “delete image” options.

Thanks alot for your help Dr.Teeth

Not so fast :slight_smile: . As you have searched for .nrg files and in the default location, how can you be sure that a temp nrg file is the culprit? Try an experiment…create a DVD from a small film and copy it. The ‘new’ temp image will overwrite the old one as it will have the same filename (if it is present) and you should see a big increase in disk space if a lingering nrg file is the problem.

Check your recycling bin, especially if it is set to be able to use a lot of space. Even though you erased the file, it is still probably sitting in the recycling bin. Empty the recycling bin and get your space back.

Even if it the image file copies over the original everytime I copy a dvd…it still robs about 4 gigs of space from my harddrive each time. So in total I did 5 movies and now I am missing about 20-25 gigs of space that I can;t seem to recover…and as for the recycling bin…its always empty…everyday I empty it.


<<Even if it the image file copies over the original everytime I copy a dvd…it still robs about 4 gigs of space from my harddrive each time.>>

If a file copies itself over another with the same name it does not take up more space. The space lost is the size of the last file. Something very strange is happening on your PC. Checked your temp folders for Nero temp files?

…and as for the recycling bin…its always empty…everyday I empty it.

Not if you use Norton or some other system “backup” utility that makes copies of everything. Are you using Norton protected recycling bin?

If you are using norton, it should have installed an icon on the destop for the protected recycling bin. Just right click it and empty it too. I hadn’t though to mention norton since I have always thought of it as the only recycling bin. After emptying norton’s (which can get bloated with 4-5 gig easy) there is usally not enough left in the normal recycling bin to worry about (maybe thats because of the way my computer is configured though).