Where do I start?

I’ve been asked to prepare a CD to accompany a book and I need some advice on the best approach. I have created a Powerpoint display which shows the pages of the book which is timed to a song - this was used as a “product launch” but we’ve only got as far as having the book printed. It is an alphabet song for pre-reading children, so while the powerpoint worked for the demo, what the CD needs to do is for the teacher or parent to be able to stop/start and possibly to find the section starting points (or chorus of the song). This will be sold with the book so it needs to be able to run on any computer.

It is also possible that the CD will be downloadable on a membership site - I assume the same format can be used (gee I hate asking such dumb questions!)

I have some experience at preparing video clips for the web using Ulead Movie Studio and FLV Producer but I feel I’m getting a little out of my depth here. As this is a one-off and we’re already over budget, I thought I’d better find some expert advice before spending hours doing the wrong thing.

Do you have some recommendations? Or do you need more specific information?