Where do I start?

I was pretty good at copying DVD’s on my other computer, but it’s been so long since DVD decrypter went bye bye and I gave up. Now I’m realizing that my boys have ruined so many of the movies we’ve baught and I need to have back ups. I don’t even remember the steps, and now that DVD Decrypter is no longer available what can I use to decrypt the DVD’s beforehand? Shoot I have forgotten all of the steps! Is there anyone willing to help walk me through what I need to download and what steps to take to copy my DVDs again?

I feel so rediculouse for having to ask because I was feeling pretty computer savy for a while there, but I somehow I have completely forgotten! I think this computer already has Nero 7, but as far as I can tell that’s all it has for DVD burning programs, and I do remember that just Nero wasn’t enough.

Anyone willing to help, I would be sooooo greatful!

The basics of backing up to single layer. RipIt4Me (you will need Dvd Decrypter & Dvd Shrink) or DvdFab HD decrypter to rip to your hard drive. Dvd Shrink to remove any stuff you don’t want & to make your backup fit on a single layer blank disc. ImgBurn, which will burn ISO or video files. All free. For backing up to dual layer, check out the following link & read down to post #18



Thank you for your reply. When I try to get DVD decrypter everything tells me it is no more! So is there something else? I looked at the post you sugested, but I have no clue what it is talking about, especialy being that I am starting form the very begining (no programs yet downloaded, and no knowledge of where to start, especaily since I can’t even manage to get DVD decrypter.)

You might consider Slysoft products but they are not free. However, there is a generous trial period and you could use it to backup your media. Then, if it meets your needs, purchase it for future use.

Suggest you download AnyDVD and CloneDVD2.


There is an excellent tutorial at the following address.


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Get DVD Decrypter [B][U]here[/U][/B] :
However it might not work with some of the more recent releases.
If looking for freebies, you could try [B][U]DVDFab[/U][/B] (Free version).
This would rip files to your HD.
Then maybe [B][U]DVD Shrink[/U][/B], to get files suitable for SL.
[B][U]ImgBurn[/U][/B] to burn the files to disc.

Otherwise try as jeff53404 mentioned a trial with something like AnyDVD/CloneDVD2.
For an idea of how to do movie only with these two, take a look [B][U]here[/U][/B] : :cool:

Weird because I googled Dvd Decrypter & got a ton of responses. :eek:

yeah, I got a ton of sites too, but the good old reliable dvddecrypter.com one no longer works and another one or two that I clicked on just talked about hwo DVD decrypter was no more. The ones that did give me an option for downloading DVD decrypter copys, I wasn’t sure if I could trust, because they aren’t the origional DVD decrypter. But I downloaded a good version of decrypter and DVD shrink and I have already copied one disc successfully. Hopefuly it workes on all or most of mine. Thank you all for the help!!!


You may want to download DVDFab HD Decrypter also.
It is free… and will rip the newer movies that Shrink can not handle.
Fab will rip the movie to your hard drive, then you can use your choice
of burning sofrware to burn the movie to disc.

See the above post by “zebadee” for a direct link for the free version
of DVDFAb HD Decrypter.

Hope this helps … :bigsmile: