Where do I start?

I am new to DVD stuff (haven’t started yet). Need to learn a little before buying. Want to copy my own movies, etc. Have a 2.4 P4, Asus MB, 512, SCSI HDD, Lite-on CDR, etc. Where do Istart learning about:

  1. DVD drives (best bang for $$)
  2. What is -R and +R media?
  3. And other stuff.

begin at the begining - lewis carol

how i started was: bought a dvd burner
installed dvd shrink and dvd decrypter. bought some dvd-rw and learned by trial and error.
i’m biased, but i consider the pioneer dvd drives excellent.
mucho guides @ http://www.videohelp.com/dvdbackup#6;42

oh, and everyone from the USA buys their gear from newegg.com :slight_smile:
what a shame you Yanks only have one online vendor :slight_smile:

Yes normally that is the best place to start !

well I don’t know about the US ! but over here I found it’s my Girlfriend you can’t beat it if it’s free !

G)-(osters must of forgot! But you can also learn everything you need to know about DVD’s and how to back it up by doing a bit of reading
Here and
Here and also
Here and
Here and this might be of some help as well Here


Both the NEC ND-3500A and the Pioneer 108 (and possibly the 109) are great burners and I consider the 3500 the best bang for the buck-

The 3500 is getting hard to find - search on www.pricewatch.com for best prices (read the users comments carefully before buying from any vendor)-

Both my 3500’s prefer 8x -R media in Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell brands - understand that Pioneers like -R’s best also-

Good prices for Ritek and Taiyo Yuden from www.rima.com and www.supermediastore.com

Happy Burnin’


Thanks… Looks like I’ve goot some reading to do.

Hey mate,
What makes you think we have only one online vendor. Its just NewEgg is known for exceptional sales and service. Another good one is ZipZoomFly’ But I can name a least a dozen

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Monarch Computers is good too…Gameve another and one of my personal favorites which is very unknown is Page Computers (a wholesaler with up-to-the-minute checks on what’s in stock).

I agree. There are many good places to get stuff in the states. I also get a lot of stuff from Directron.com. Always had great luck with them.

I have a Pioneer DVR-A07 burner which has been fantastic for me. I use DVD Shrink, DVD Decryptor and burn with Nero. I use pioneer certified Prodisc media(printable) that I get from shop4tech.com for about $45 per 100, with free shipping. Since I got the Pioneer, I have yet to have a coaster.

so u r telling me Marx was wrong afterall - voracious corporate capitalist monopolies have not yet killed competition ? Michael Moore will not be happy