Where do i start with bit torrent


I am new to all this but have a good awareness that a network running like this, must be complex. the fact that there appears to be a tiered system of connectability. i want to learn the network. How it all works. i’m not really a downloader at all. though i’m sure i’ll pick up a few downloads along the way. Has anyone got the patients to go through the real basics can be relatively technical. As i want to build from that.

I hope i can make a few friends on here


Laptop 1.6ghz intel
256mb ram
30gb hdd
dsl 128k internet acccess
norton internet security

like i said i needs the basic principles first the spec above is for later reference.

Are that any reliable private chat rooms that i could use? A lot to learn i think


Here is a link that describe the network buildup.

Basically without a tracker you are dead in the water, unless you have a list of already known peers (ie you connected to the tracker once). The fundamental idea in bitorrent is that you shall both upload and download. If you do not upload you get a lower share-ratio and then alot of peers can refuse your connection, thus making your download slower. This is more thoroughly described in the link above.

Your system is no problem, although python isnt the fastest language around (still, better than java :D) your main limitation is your internet connection. At 128k, it is going to take a while to download stuff. But, you weren’t interested in that anyways so… :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, wrong forum :slight_smile:

Right this is a start and quite lost already. which forum should i be in?

Wehn i say begining i mean beggining whats a tracker. who’s watching and how closely to what were downloading. Like i said it would be good to be chatting to someone or a few people about this.


Right have read all that and complleted the necisary downloads. Have also registered with sourceforge. Where can i get a tracker list? Also ifbit torrent isn’t the best what is?

whats involved in becoming a tracker?


www.shareaza.com, It’s a p2p search engine where you can search and download torrents… If you are interested… I am trying to spread it around cause it’s the best, it can also search on the eDonkey and Gnutella (1 & 2) networks…